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«LOUKIA K. SARROUB Work: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Home: 6939 Sumner St. College of Education and Human Sciences Lincoln, NE 68506 Dept. of ...»

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Sarroub, L. K. (April 24-28, 2000). Creating a Muslim Space: How a public high school accommodates a Yemeni Community. Paper to be presented at AERA, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sarroub, L. K. (December 1-4, 1999). "In-betweeness" and unexpected symbolic texts: Religion and conflicting visions of literacy. Paper presented at the National Reading Conference, Orlando, FL.

Sarroub, L. K. (April 19-24, 1999). Between honor and shame: The sojourner experience of Yemeni Arab high school students. Paper presented at AERA, Montreal, Canada.

Sarroub, L. K. (December 2-5, 1998). Classroom as Oasis: Discourse Practices among ‘Yemeni’ Students in an American Public High School. Paper presented at the National Reading Conference, Austin, TX.

Pearson, P. D., Sarroub, L. K., Lycke, K., Dykema, C., and Lloyd, R. (December 2-5, 1998). Who Stands to Learn? A reflective conversation about the learning of the research participants in a long-term portfolio assessment collaboration. Portfolio presented at the National Reading Conference, Austin, TX.

Lycke, K., Sarroub, L. K., and Pearson, P. D. (March 6-7, 1998). Integrating Portfolios in the Curriculum:

Student Compliance and Resistance to Portfolio Culture in a Junior High Setting (Year 2). Paper presented at the Penn Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia.

Sarroub, L. K., and Pearson, P. D.(December 3-6, 1997). How New Assessments Impact Student Learning, Curriculum, and Professional Development: A Case Study in a Junior High Setting. Paper presented at the National Reading Conference, Scottsdale, AZ.

Updated September 17, 2015 L. K. SARROUB 6 Sarroub, L. K. (March 7-8, 1997). Reframing for Decisions: Talk about Assessment Among Teachers and Researchers. Paper presented at the: Penn Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia.

Sarroub, Loukia K. and Lloyd, Randy (February 28, 1997). Teacher and Student Responses to New Assessments: A Case Study in a Junior High Setting. Presentation at the Michigan Education Research Association, Ann Arbor, MI.

Sarroub, L. K., Pearson, P. D., Dykema, C., and Lloyd, R. (December 4-7, 1996). When Portfolios Become Part of the Grading Process: A Case Study in a Junior High Setting. Paper presented at the National Reading Conference, Charleston, SC.


Sarroub, L. K. (December 10, 2015). Presenter/Keynote/Discussion. Workshop on Religion and Educatiom. Graduate School of Education and Jewish Studies Program, Stanford University.

Sarroub, L.K. (July 20-25, 2013). Presenter. Symposium for the Study of Writing and Teaching of Writing:

Transnational Literacies. University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Sarroub, L. K. (November 13, 2012). Featured Speaker: In-between Ethnographic, Discourse Analytic, and Quasi-Experimental Studies: Making Sense of Data and Old Problems in New Ways. University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Education.

Sarroub, L. K. (April 11, 2011). Population uprising in the Arab world: A panel discussion. University of Nebraska-Lincoln sponsored event by Classics & Religious Studies, Bessey Hall 117.

Sarroub, L. K. (May 10, 2011). Featured Research Presentation: Literacy Learning among low SES US and Iraqi Youth. Featured Research Presentation at International Reading Association meeting.


Sarroub, L. K. (February 21, 2010). Keynote Talk: Resilience in Ethnographic Research Methodology.

NCTE Research Assembly. University of Pittsburgh.

Sarroub, L.K. (March 14, 2009). Keynote Talk: Transnational literacy practices in and out of school among Yemeni American and Iraqi Youth. Conference on Arab-American women. Kansas State University.

Sarroub, L. K. (Dec. 3, 2008). Cultural Approaches to Understanding Literacy. Area 6 Invited Session Speaker, National Reading Conference, Orlando, FL.

Sarroub, L. K. (Nov. 6, 2008). Keynote: Literacy and Democracy. Nebraska Honors Forum Lecture.

Lincoln, NE.

Sarroub, L. K. (April 3, 2008). Seeking refuge in Education: Transnational Iraqi Youth Dilemmas.

Conference: The Undefended Childhood in Global Context: Structural Challenges to Schooling, Health, and Well Being Among the World’s Children. Michigan State University, East Lansing Michigan, Kellogg Center.

Sarroub, L.K. (March 21, 2006). Religion and conflicting visions of literacy. Sponsored by the Department of Anthropology, Reed College, Portland, OR.

Sarroub, L. K. (December 2005). Keynote: NRC Educator Conference theme “Leveling the playing field for English language learners,” Miami.

Sarroub, L. K. (November 6, 2004). “Imagined Communities: Culture, Talk, and Education.” Nebraska International Multicultural Exchange Conference: “Open Minds: Moving Beyond the Stereotypes.” Lincoln, NE.

Sarroub, L. K. (April 4-5, 2003). “The Literacy Practices of Yemeni and Iraqi Youth: Life In and Out of School in Dearborn, MI & Lincoln, NE. Paper presented at UC Berkeley’s Language and Identity in the Modern Arab World conference.

Sarroub, L.K. (November 12, 2002). Paul A. Olson Seminars in Great Plains Studies panelist on November 12, 2002. The topic was “Refugees on the Great Plains: Policies, Practices, and Potentials,” UNL.

Updated September 17, 2015 L. K. SARROUB 7 Sarroub, L. K. (November 6, 2002). Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc., panelist on immigration in the US, UNL.

Sarroub, L. K. (November 7, 2002). Guest lecturer in Professor Marcela Raffaelli’s (Department of Psychology) Psychology of Immigration course, cross-listed in Ethnic Studies. The topic of the class is "Language, identity, and family relationships,” UNL.

Sarroub, L. K. (April 30, 2002). Guest lecturer in Professor Robert Hitchcock’s Conflict and Conflict Resolution Studies course (Anthro, Pol Sci, Soc 261). The topic was “Islam in a Yemeni community,” UNL.

Sarroub, L. K. (October 10-12, 2001). Identity and musical texts In and out of school. Paper presented at the CIC Music Education Research Symposium, Madison, WI.

Sarroub, L. K. (September 22 & 29, 1998). The Americans We Don’t Know: How Arab American Students Negotiate the Boundaries between Home and School. Guest presenter, Professor Patricia Edward’s TE 851 course, Literacy of the Young Child at Home and School, Michigan State University.

Sarroub, L. K. (March 25, 1998). Ethnographic methods and fieldwork: A Preliminary study of a Yemeni community. Data analysis session, Spencer Fellows Seminar, Michigan State University.

Sarroub, Loukia K. (December 1996). Making Connections Between Migrant Families and Public Schools.

Paper and presentation to State Migrant Education Program researchers, State Board of Education, Lansing, MI.


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Research Consultant with Barbara Taylor, University of Minnesota and P. David Pearson, 1999-2001 Michigan State University Center in Early Reading Achievement project "Variations of Choice: Implementing researchbased reading program reform in high poverty elementary schools" Los Angeles Unified School District, CA Spencer/MSU Research Fellow with mentors David Labaree and P. David Pearson 1997-1999 Michigan State University College of Education Research: fieldwork, analysis, presenting, reviewing, publishing, dissertating Research Assistant to P. David Pearson 1995-1998 Michigan State University College of Education Collaborated on a study on standards-based portfolio assessments in two teachers’ junior high school English and Language Arts classrooms and documented the process with participating teachers

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GRANTS A Mixed Methods Study of Expert Teachers: Developing Neural and Not Funded Discourse Analyses for Understanding Mediating Factors of Teacher Expertise Spender Foundation, Submitted 2012

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A Mixed Methods Study of Expert Teachers: Developing Neural and Discourse Not Funded Analyses for Understanding Mediating Factors of Exceptional English Teachers (with Dr. Tony Wilson, UNMC), UNL Research Council Interdisciplinary Grant, 2012 Undergraduate Creative Activities & Research Experiences (UCARE) Grants 2002-current University of Nebraska, Lincoln Amount: $12,000

–  –  –

US Department of Education, “Exploring Religious Communities in the Modern Middle East,” 2004 with Sidnie Crawford (Principal Investigator, Religious Studies), Jeff Spinner-Halev (Political Science), Miles Bryant (Educational Administration), University of Nebraska-Lincoln Amount: $211, 481

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Ethnographic Research Methods (TEAC 930A and cross-listed w/ 3 other departments) Linguistics for the Classroom Teacher (TEAC 438/838) Discourse Analysis (TEAC 930D) – first taught fall 2012 Language and Learning (TEAC 952) – first taught spring 2011 Language and Power (TEAC 840D) Language, Culture, and Education (TEAC 921D) Literacy Processes and Practices (TEAC 411/811) The School and Society (TEAC 331) Literacy, Gender, & Ethnicity in Schools (TEAC 840D) Literature for Adolescents (TEAC 439/839) Advising at UNL 2 Ph.D. students, 2 students admitted into candidacy in 2012 1 Ph. D. student graduated Spring 2014, Sarah Staples-Farmer, Dissertation title: “Racking up Cultural capital and eliminating labels: The culture of teaching and learning in the juvenile justice system” Updated September 17, 2015 L. K. SARROUB 10 12 doctoral supervisory committees (TLTE, EDPS, Poli Sci, Sociology, Public Health) 20 Master student advisees 5 Undergraduate Honors Thesis students Public School

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Service to the Department Edit and Revise TLTE Cognitive Map, Appointed by TLTE Chair, January 2016 Member, ESL & Immigrant Education Search Committee, 2015-2016 Chair, TLTE Scholarship Committee, Fall 2014-May 2017 Coordinator, Ad Hoc Committee to revise Comprehensive Exams 2012-2014 Member, Ad Hoc Committee to revise Graduate Emphasis Areas 2013-2014 Mentor and Chair, Assistant Professor Annual Review Committee 2012-Current Convener of TLTE Language, Literacy, & Culture emphasis area faculty, 2002-Current English Education Search Committee 2011-2012 Chair, Personnel Committee, 2010-December 2011 Elected Personnel Committee Member, 2009-1012 Facilitator of English Education group, 2010-2011 Second Language Acquisition/Applied Linguistics Search Committee Member, Fall 2008, 2010-2011 Annual Review Committee Member (3 Reviews of Assistant Professor files), Spring 2008 English Education Search Committee Member, 2007-2008 Co-facilitator, Elementary Education Working Group, Fall 2007 Policy and Practice Search Committee Member, 2004-2005 Chair of Graduate Admissions Committee, 2004-2007 Updated September 17, 2015 L. K. SARROUB 11 Service to the College Schmoker Reading Center Advisory Committee Member, 2014-2017 External Search Committee Member for Phonology and Language Position Search, Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders, 2013-2014 CEHS Research Committee (with office of CEHS Office of Associate Dean of Research), 2011-214 Steering Committee Member (with John Creswell and Elaine Chan), Qualitative Interest Research Group Elected to Dean’s Advisory Committee, 2007-2010 Co-Chair, 2008-2009 Service to the University Invited Speaker, Qualitative and Mixed Methods Interest Group at UNL, November 9, 2015. Social & Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium Chair, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Council, 2013-2014 Vice-Chair, UNL Research Council, 2012-2013 University Research Council (Review and allocate funds for faculty seed grants), 2011-2014 Elected to Committee of Committees, 2010-2013 Elected to Faculty Senate Member, 2007-Current Graduate Fellowship Committee, 2007-Current Layman Grant Review Committee, 2007 Selected Service to the Profession 2016 Reviewer, American Anthropologist, January 2016 Chair, Diverse Democracies, Democratic Diversities: International Studies on Identities, Multilingualism, and Language Rights & Ideologies, AERA Roundtable Session, Washington, D.C.

2014 Research in the Teaching of English (Volume 48) Alan C. Purves Award for Best Article Committee 2013 Council on Anthropology and Education Louise and George Spindler for Significant Achievement in Educational Anthropology Award Committee Reviewer, Australasian Review of African Studies, 2015- Current

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Conference Proposal Reviewer (6 Reviews), Literacy Research Association Area 6, Summer 2014 Literacy Research Association Ad-Hoc Strategic Plan Committee Member, 2012

• Foster and encourage international scholarship and representation within LRA;

• Create a more diverse membership and leadership within LRA;

• Better understand as well as have an influence on issues of policy and advocacy involving literacy research and instruction.

Reviewer, Journal of British Sociology, 2011- Current Reviewer, Journal of Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 2011-Current Reviewer, Reading Research Quarterly, 2002-Current Reviewer, Council of Anthropology and Education, 2002-Current Member, International Reading Association Publications Committee, 2010-2012 (2010). Chair and Discussant for CEHS Student Research Conference (6 graduate student presentations).

(2010).Organizier and Chair, Meeting of the American Anthropology Association, New Orleans.

Symposium: Beginning ethnographers: Circulating in compelling dilemmas and sites.

(2009). Organizer and Chair, Meeting of the Literacy Research Association, Albuquerque, NM. Symposium Session: The New Youth and Their Literacies: National and International Perspectives Across School and Community Settings, with co-presenters Glynda Hull (UC-Berkeley & NYU) and Rob Petrone (UNebraska-Lincoln) and Discussants Donna Alverman (UGeorgia) and Colin Harrison (UNottingham).

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