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«2004 AIR RESEARCH GRANT PROPOSAL Finding Leakage in the Pipeline of Teacher Supply: Factors Influencing Youngsters to Aspire to and Stay in Teaching ...»

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• Active involvement in the development and grant support (through Goals 2000) of pre-K-12 WPS/WSU Professional Development Schools

• Active involvement in the development and grant support (through Goals 2000) of a site-based masters degree program

• Active involvement in the development of the Center for Physical Activity and Aging Collaborators & Other Affiliations Dr. Terry Behrendt, Wichita Public Schools Ms. Teri Keas, Wichita Public Schools Dr. Craig Elliott, Maize Public Schools Dr. Don Wells, Haysville Public Schools Dr. Dan Peters, Renwick Public Schools Dr. Bob Voboril, Wichita Catholic Diocese Schools

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Donna J. Hawley (Wolfe) Professor and Director Institutional Research Wichita State University Wichita, Kansas, 67260-0041 Phone: 316- 978-3015; FAX: 316-978-3016 E-mail: donna.hawley@wichita.edu


University of Kansas, School of Education, Ed.D. 1980 Higher Ed./Administration Lawrence, KS University of Kansas, School of Nursing, M.N. 1981 Nursing Kansas City, KS University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas M.A. 1971 Educational Administration City, MO University of Iowa, College of Nursing, B.S.N. 1968 Nursing Iowa City, IA Moline Public Hospital, School of Nursing, Diploma 1964 Nursing Moline, IL

Professional Experience:

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Professional Memberships:

Association for Institutional Research Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals (ARHP) Arthritis Foundation, Kansas Chapter American Nurses Association American Association of University Professors Phi Kappa Phi Publications: (Articles, Chapters) Hawley, DJ Psychological Distress and clinical outcomes. In Walker,JM and Helewa, A. Physical Therapy in Arthritis. 2nd edition. In Press, scheduled publication date: 2003.

Hawley DJ. Functional ability, health status, and quality of life. In Robbins, L, Burckhardt, CS, Hannan,

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27[7], 1668-1673. 2000.

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Hawley DJ, Wolfe F, Cathey MA. The Sense of Coherence Questionnaire in patients with rheumatic disorders. Journal of Rheumatology. 1992; 19:1912-1918.

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Budget Justification

Salaries and benefits:

The principal investigator will devote 1.5 summer months in 2004 and 0.5 month in May of 2005 solely to this grand project. The dollar amount shown in the line item represent 2 FTE academic months of salaries. The project will also support a graduate research assistant’s salary and benefits for 3 academic months. During the two summer months the major statistical analyses will be completed. Key findings will be written and submitted for the 2005 AERA conference. A second paper will be written and submitted for AIR annual conference in March, 2005. A manuscript will be completed and submitted to a national refereed journal by May, 2005.


The budget reflects three travel needs, two for professional conferences and one for

training/consultation purposes. Estimated costs for these trips are as follows:

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Other direct cost:

The budget also includes the purchase of a statistical software and training manual appropriate for variance estimation involved in complex sampling designs. The cost of SUDAAN statistical software academic version is estimated for $385 and the user’s manual is $95.

Current and Pending Support:


Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources:

The investigators’ institute has sufficient equipment and resources enable the investigators to conduct this research project. The principal investigator has convenient access to computer, printer, word processor, and statistical analysis software.

Project Timeline:

June 1, 2004 – May 30, 2005 6/1 – 6/15 2004 Hire and train research assistant. Update literature, refine research

–  –  –

6/15 – 6/31 2004 Become familiar with variance estimate software, participate in training institute and consultation activities, conduct descriptive analyses.

7/1 – 7/15 2004 Conduct statistical analyses and writing results.

7/15 – 7/31 2004 Draft AERA proposal for conference presentation.

Jan. –Feb. 2005 Draft AERA paper if accepted.

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