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«Kerry Freedman Samantha Goss Northern Illinois University Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education, 2000 – 2011 2 Contents Year Page 2000 ...»

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Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education,


Kerry Freedman

Samantha Goss

Northern Illinois University

Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education, 2000 – 2011 2


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2010 135 2011 149 Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education, 2000 – 2011 3 2000 Benzer, Faith. (2000). Three art: Teachers' understandings and implementations of discipline-based art education.

Ed.D., Arizona State University, 2000, AAT 9994485 Advisor: Robert J Stahl Keywords: Teachers, Discipline-based, Art education Subjects: Curricula, Teaching, Art Education Chao, Huei-Ling. (2000). Art, lives, stories: Relationships between the beliefs of Taiwanese traditional and non-traditional secondary preservice art teachers.

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2000, AAT 9998305 Advisor: Yvonne Gaudelius Keywords: China, Preservice, Art teachers, Secondary teachers, Taiwanese Subjects: Art Education, Teacher Education, Womens Studies Clark, Diane Ellen. (2000). A process model and concept map for web-based teaching and learning in postsecondary art education.

Ph.D., The Florida State University, 2000, AAT 9973235 Advisor: Betty Jo Troeger Keywords: Process model, Concept map, Web-based, Postsecondary, Art Subjects: Art Education, Educational Software Coret, Norma Jeanne. (2000). The status of art and art history in the secondary school curriculum: An instrumental multiple-case study.

Ph.D., The University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2000, AAT 9967414 Advisors: R. McLaran Sawyer & Markin J. Spomer Keywords: Art, Art history, Secondary school, Curriculum Subjects: Secondary Education, Art Education, Art History, Curricula, Teaching Cotner, Teresa Lynne. (2000). Classroom art talk: How discourse shapes teaching and learning in a high school art classroom.

Ph.D., Stanford University, 2000, AAT 9995199 Advisor: Eliot Eisner Keywords: Art talk, Discourse, High school Subjects: Art Education Davidson, Miriam Ellen. (2000). "Catching time": Pathways to engagement in the elementary classroom through the visual arts.

Ph.D., Concordia University (Canada), 2000, AAT NQ54391 Advisor: Cathy Mullen Keywords: Elementary classroom, Visual arts, Student engagement, Camera Subjects: Art Education, Elementary education Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education, 2000 – 2011 4 Defibaugh, Kim L. (2000). An examination of the evaluation practices of elementary visual arts teachers.

Ed.D., Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2000, AAT 9960111 Advisor: Helane S Rosenberg Keywords: Evaluation, Visual arts, Teachers Subjects: Elementary Education, Art Education, Educational Evaluation Eiserman, Jennifer Roma Flint. (2000). Comfort, conversation and community: The role of the museum in art education.

Ph.D., University of Calgary (Canada), 2000, AAT NQ49490 Advisor: Ann Calvert Keywords: Community, Museum, Art Subjects: Art Education England, Barbara L. (2000). A comparison of students' computer-generated art and students' art created with traditional media.

Ed.D., The University of Memphis, 2000, AAT 9978900 Advisor: Dennie Smith Keywords: Children’s art, Computer-generated art, Art, Traditional Media Subjects: Art Education, Educational Software Fowler, Sidney D. (2000). Imaging the Word: A descriptive account of curriculum resource development utilizing artistic images.

Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College, 2000, AAT 9976721 Advisor: Mary C Boys Keywords: Curriculum development, Religious education publishing, United Church of Christ, United Church Press, Imaging the Word, artistic images Subjects: Curricula, Teaching, Art Education, Religious Education Garner, Ricky Lee. (2000). Neuropsychological art therapy treatment protocol: An intervention utilizing portraiture, computer-based data analysis and a discipline-based art education framework.

Ph.D., The Florida State University, 2000, AAT 9984922 Advisor: Betty Jo Troeger Keywords: Neuropsychological art therapy, Intervention, Portraiture, Computer-based data analysis, Discipline-based art education, Art therapy Subjects: Art Education, Cognitive Therapy, Psychotherapy Giles, Amy Renee Waltson. (2000). "Making special": Child-centered, meaningful, and artistically authentic early childhood art education.

–  –  –

Gittens, Winston Tyrone. (2000). Cultural and pedagogical realities in crisis: From art education to a discourse in VASTEducation.

Ph.D., Miami University, 2000, AAT 9982623 Advisor: Richard Quantz Keywords: Cultural, Pedagogical, Art Education, VASTEducation Subjects: Curricula, Teaching, Minority & Ethnic Groups, Sociology, Art Education, African Americans Gunter, Martha Susanne Floyd. (2000). The history of discipline-based art education in South Carolina and its impact on Southern rural female middle school students.

Ed.D., University of South Carolina, 2000, AAT 9981260 Advisor: James T Sears Keywords: Rural education, Girls, Discipline-Based, Art education, South Carolina, Middle school students Subjects: Art Education, Educational History Hartranft, Janet Louise. (2000). The uneasy alliance: The relationship of art, artists, and audiences in contemporary United States.

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2000, AAT 9982335 Advisor: Charles Garoian Keywords: Art, Artists, Audiences, Cultural democracy Subjects: Art Education, Fine Arts, American Studies Hemmerla, Paul Scott. (2000). Factors related to the level of instructional use of computer- based technology by Missouri secondary art teachers.

Ph.D., University of Missouri - Columbia, 2000, AAT 9999297 Advisor: Larry Kantner Keywords: Computer-based technology, Missouri, Art teachers, Secondary teachers Subjects: Art Education, Educational Software Hightower, Linda Ann. (2000). Expectations of visual art students regarding professional business skills and career support in American higher education.

Ed.D., University of Georgia, 2000, AAT 9993773 Advisor: William Squires Keywords: Visual art students, Professional, Business skills, Career support, Higher education Subjects: Art Education, Higher Education Houghton, N. (2000). Craft in England and Welsh schools: The pupils’ perspective.

–  –  –

Ilundain-Agurruza, Jesus Maria. (2000)....In the realms of art: A conceptual inquiry of the genesis of the work of art.

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000, AAT 9971100 Advisor: Arthur Melnick Keywords: Art, Creativity, Audience, Genius Subjects: Philosophy, Art Education Jaffe, Naomi. (2000). Children's drawings as political commentary: The peace processes in Israel.

Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College, 2000, AAT 9976730 Advisor: Judith M Burton Keywords: Children’s drawings, Political commentary, Peace processes, Israel Subjects: Art Education, Political Science Jessop, Frank Bradley. (2000). The adventures of Ziggy and Zappa, the community as studio: A pragmatic aesthetic approach.

Ed.D., Oklahoma State University, 2000, AAT 9987345 Advisor: Sally Carter Keywords: Public art projects, Community as studio, Pragmatic esthetics, Studio education Subjects: Art Education. Fine Arts, Higher Education Kader, Themina. (2000). Material culture studies and art education: Examining the cultural artifacts of the Bohra from Makaan to Masjid.

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2000, AAT 9982348 Advisor: Paul E Bolin Keywords: Material culture studies, Art education, Cultural artifacts, Bohra, Makaan to Masjid, Kenya Subjects; Art Education, Art History Kafala, Todor (Ted). (2000). The emergence of a 3D object aesthetics in computer media.

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2000, AAT 9971578 Advisor: Suzanne Damarin Keywords: Aesthetics, Three-dimensional, Animation, Simulation, Interactive media Subjects: Educational Software, Art Education, Mass Media Kao, Cheng-Feng. (2000). Prediction of the academic achievement of arts and crafts education majors at teacher colleges in Taiwan, Republic of China.

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2000, AAT 9998370 Advisor: Kenneth C Gray Keywords: Academic achievement, Arts and crafts education, Teachers colleges, Taiwan, China Subjects: Art Education, Higher Education, Teacher Education Karafilaki, Kiriaki Dimitriou. (2000). The development of image understanding: Implications for

Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education, 2000 – 2011 7

visual literacy in older adolescents and young adults.

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2000, AAT 9982592 Advisor: Dorothy W Jackson Keywords: Aesthetic development, Cognitive development, Art education, Image understanding, Visual literacy, Adolescents, Young adults Subjects: Development Psychology, Cognitive Therapy, Art Education Knight, Wanda Bridges. (2000). Preparing preservice teachers to work with diverse student populations: Implications for visual art teacher education.

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2000, AAT 9971582 Advisor: Vesta Daniel Keywords: Preservice, Visual art, Teacher education Subjects: Art Education, Teacher Education, Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education Knutson, Karen Leslie. (2000). Hanging Emily: Exhibition strategies and Emily Carr.

Ph.D., The University of British Columbia (Canada), 2000, AAT NQ48649 Advisors: Graeme Chalmers, Peter Seixas Keywords: Exhibition strategies, Carr, Emily, Museum education, Vancouver Art Gallery, British Columbia Subjects: Art Education Lai, Pi-Hui. (2000). Taiwanese kindergarten teachers' and principals' beliefs and attitudes concerning developmentally appropriate art education.

Ph.D., The University of Iowa, 2000, AAT 9984733 Advisors: Alice M Atkinson, Steve Thunder-McGuire Keywords: Taiwanese, Kindergarten teachers, Principals, Developmentally appropriate, Art education, China Subjects: Preschool Education, Art Education Lam, Bick Har. (2000). An investigation of conceptions of teaching art of secondary school art teachers.

Ph.D., Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong), 2000, AAT 3119836 Advisor: David Kember Keywords: Teaching, Art teachers, Secondary school Subjects: Art Education, Secondary Education Leo-Paul, Cyr. (2000). A conversation between sculptor and stone.

Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College, 2000, AAT 9979912 Advisor: Judith Burton Keywords: Conversation, Sculptor, Stone Subjects: Art Education, Fine Arts

Lim, Boo Yeun. (2000). Aesthetic education for young children in three early childhood settings:

Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education, 2000 – 2011 8

Bank Street, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf.

Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College, 2000, AAT 9976738 Advisor: Leslie R Williams Keywords: Italy, Bank Street School for Children, Green meadow Waldorf School, New York, Aesthetic education, Early childhood, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf education Subjects: Preschool education, Educational Theory, Art Education Lin, Patricia Yuen-Wan. (2000). Cultural identity and ethnic representation in arts education: Case studies of Taiwanese festivals in Canada.

Ph.D., The University of British Columbia (Canada), 2000, AAT NQ56578 Advisor: Rita Irwin Keywords: Cultural identity, Ethnic representation, Arts education, Taiwanese, Festivals, Chinese Subjects: Art Education, Minority & Ethnic Groups, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology Liu, Li-Ming. (2000). Relationships among creativity, drawing ability, and visual/spatial intelligence in elementary school children.

Ed.D., University of South Dakota, 2000, AAT 9991648 Advisor: Jay Heath Keywords: Creativity, Drawing ability, Visual/Spatial intelligence, Elementary school children Subjects: Art Education, Educational Evaluation, Elementary Education Lloyd, Mary M. (2000). Kenneth Burke's dramatistic pentad and models of educational outreach for youth in arts and cultural institutions.

Ed.D., Seattle University, 2000, AAT 3032554 Advisor: Stephanie L Bravmann Keywords: Outreach, Youth, Arts, Cultural institutions, Burke, Kenneth, Dramatistic pentad Subjects: Art Education, Curricula, Teaching Louis, Linda L. (2000). What children have in mind: A study of early graphic representation in paint.

Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College, 2000, AAT 9989278 Advisor: Judith M Burton Keywords: Children, Graphic representation, Paint, Artistic development Subjects: Art Education, Preschool Education, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology Lu, Li-Fen. (2000). A descriptive study of preservice art teacher responses to computergenerated and noncomputer-generated art images.

Ph.D., Indiana University, 2000, AAT 9993637 Advisor: Enid Zimmerman Keywords: Preservice, Art teacher, Images, Computer-generated art Subjects: Art Education, Teacher Education, Educational Software

Doctoral Dissertations Pertaining to Art Education, 2000 – 2011 9

Maltbie, Catherine Vadala. (2000). Social and cognitive effects of using a virtual reality environment in a university art course.

Ed.D., University of Cincinnati, 2000, AAT 9998529 Advisor: Daniel D Wheeler Keywords: Cognitive effects, Virtual reality, Art course, Social effects Subjects: Educational Software, Educational Psychology, Art Education McCoubrey, Lynn Sharon. (2000). But I'm not an artist: Beginning elementary generalist teachers constructing art teaching practices from beliefs about ability to create art.

Ph.D., The University of British Columbia (Canada), 2000, AAT NQ56586 Advisor: Rita Irwin Keywords: Generalists, Teachers, Art teaching, Artistic ability Subjects: Art Education McRae, Richard Oliver, II. (2000). Toward an understanding of the Beaux Arts curriculum: A survey of six United States sculptors educated in Beaux Arts academies in the first half of the twentieth century.

Ph.D., Texas Tech University, 2000, AAT 9963493 Advisor: Karen Keifer-Boyd Keywords: Beaux Arts, Curriculum, Sculptors, Academies, Twentieth century Subjects: Fine Arts, Art Education, Art History Milne, Wendy Michele Caughey. (2000). Reflective artmaking: Implications for art education.

Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2000, AAT 9974457 Advisor: Barbara Fredette Keywords: Artmaking, portraiture Subjects: Art Education, Elementary Education, Teacher Education Moura, Correia A. (2000). Prejudice reduction in teaching and learning Portuguese art patrimony.

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