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«Mathletics testimonials from Primary school teachers Snowsfields Primary School All the children love Mathletics. It’s quite embedded in our ...»

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Mathletics testimonials from Primary school teachers

Snowsfields Primary School

All the children love Mathletics. It’s quite embedded in our teaching practice and it has made a

significant impact on children’s learning overall. It gave maths a higher status, a more cool status

thanks to the avatars and incentives such as the certificates.

Mathletics really put maths at the forefront of children’s learning and because it’s highly interactive

it gives them the incentive to have a go.

There are many, many positive and powerful resources on Mathletics that can really make a difference to children’s learning. It’s a resource we use for our planning, teaching practice, homework, revision and so on. It’s really embedded into our teaching cycle. We have seen an impact on SATs results after using Mathletics. Sometimes I have interviews with the children and I would say 95% of children say maths is my favourite subject and Mathletics has helped tremendously with this.

Kilburn Park Foundation School When Mathletics was introduced it created a massive buzz about the subject in the school. Teachers have said that children have definitely achieved higher levels as a result of using Mathletics. They can’t put it down to anything else other than the twenty minutes we ask them to do every night at home and we try to do 2 hours a week in school. I can’t believe schools don’t have Mathletics but if you don’t then you need to get it into your school. It’s an absolute winner. There is not a sad face when a child is logged onto Mathletics.

The Downley School It’s great to see how motivated and engaged children are when they use Mathletics. They know that when they go home their homework has been set on Mathletics, it’s been completely tailored to what they’ve been learning in class and it’s at their level. Mathletics has made a big change to children who are anxious about maths and they are now excited about the subject.

Kingsmead Primary School I watched a child using Mathletics and they were really enjoying it so I thought it would be a great motivational tool for teaching. Children are definitely more enthusiastic about maths since using Mathletics.

Howard Primary School We saw Mathletics and really liked the look of it so we thought we’d give it a go. We had worked so hard to push literacy within our school that we felt maths now needed a bit more of a push to improve maths results. Mathletics looked like the perfect program to help with this.

We have found that Mathletics has helped with the children’s numeracy skills and has helped with their confidence. The children love the competitiveness within Mathletics and we have found the problem solving activities has really given them a boost.

Mathletics has had such a positive impact on the students. They use it in school, at home, in small groups, the start of the day and as fillers when they have completed their work. Filler activities have worked really well at pushing the children to finish their work as they want to join in with the children that are playing on Mathletics. We use Mathletics regularly as our ‘out of the box’ activity to encourage variety in the classroom for fun and we also set it for homework. It is used somewhere in the school every day and we incorporate it into our ‘Monday Maths’ activities.

I would definitely recommend Mathletics to other schools. We use it to encourage our children and for their own progress. We use it as a language developmental tool too as we ask them to present their own progress to their peers, to us and sometimes in assembly. We have found the best motivation for our students is for them to compete with one another and Mathletics is great for this.

Prior Park Prep School

We decided to purchase Mathletics because we were looking for an effective way to promote maths on the computer. We were also looking to raise the element of speed in Arithmetic and after using Mathletics in a previous school I had already used the program and knew that it could help us with this. We also liked the fact that there was a strong element of a home- school link within the program so that the students could use Mathletics in their own time at home too.

Currently we have only been using the program for a month so it is hard to say whether or not it has helped into the improvement of our pupil’s progress. However having said that the feedback we have had from the parents is that they have seen improvements in speed. The children absolutely love it and lots of them do it at home.

I feel Mathletics is absolutely value for money! At £6 per head for the whole year it is cheaper than a bottle of wine! Here at Prior Park our parents have to pay for the licences but how I just described its value for money is exactly how I sell it to the parents.

We use Mathletics widely in our school ranging from Years 1 to 8. We have targeted lessons specifically for Mathletics which we do once a week and the pupil’s look forward to this. In years 3- 7 we have a targeted lesson of half an hour once a week and with the year 8 because of other commitments, they’re targeted lessons are for half an hour once a fortnight.

Each teacher has their own individual log in and therefore can monitor their own classes’ progress accordingly. I am the administrator for the program and as we are new to the program I am looking into the admin centre and training myself so that I can then introduce this to the rest of the maths team.

I would definitely recommend Mathletics! As mentioned earlier I came from another school and approached the Head and told them I would like to promote Mathletics here and they were very happy to implement it in the school.

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, UK The whole of our school uses Mathletics and we mainly use it for extension work. Teachers use it to set tasks and children access the curriculum aligned activities at home which gets them practising what they’ve learnt and improving their numeracy skills.

Our KS1 students enjoy Mathletics because it’s so interactive which has got them really engaged in maths. They love how bright and colourful the program is. Mathletics has really benefitted our KS2 pupils by helping to build up their confidence in maths and improving their mental arithmetic. They enjoy using Live Mathletics as its competitive and it prepares them for answering harder sums faster.

Mathletics is also great for struggling students as they can follow a course their teacher has set them and is appropriate for their ability. They can use Mathletics for independent learning but what’s crucial is that they can see their improvement when they are rewarded for their progress.

The reward system is great for developing confidence and getting children more engaged in maths.

The eBooks available through Mathletics are very useful too. We use them in school and we also send children home with them. Parents find these extra resources a real help when they are working on their maths at home, particularly for SEN children and students who are working at higher levels.

Mathletics is used and valued by all our teachers. It’s great value for money and we would recommend it other schools.

Sycamore Academy, UK Mathletics is used by our KS2 students which is roughly 120 pupils. We have used Mathletics for a few years now and we find that it really motivates children, makes maths fun and aids assessment.

Mathletics is great for helping to improve results for children who struggle with maths and for the more abled pupils as it allows them to learn independently at their own pace. Mathletics has engendered more excitement and engagement in maths which in turn has increased our pupils’ confidence and enjoyment of the subject. It is definitely value for money.

William Marshall Primary School, UK

We’re a very rural school and wanted a resource that children could use at home and have some fun with but at the same time gave our teachers an element of control over their learning. We find the activities on Mathletics are a suitable length, clear and we really like that our pupils are given instant feedback once they have completed a task. This really helps with independent learning.

Our teachers use Mathletics to consolidate learning and get children learning maths in a different context which helps to get them more engaged in the subject. I think Mathletics has improved our pupils’ maths, particularly their mental maths which has improved through using Live Mathletics.

Mathletics has definitely helped us create a ‘can do’ attitude towards maths in our school. Our children enjoy using Mathletics and don’t realise they are actually doing any maths. They are more engaged in maths and their confidence in the subject has increased.

St Anne's Primary School, UK When we were trialling Mathletics we found it was really engaging and offered a comprehensive resource for our pupils. We find the courses on Mathletics are great for targeting particular year groups. The program offers value for money when you consider all the extra resources such as the eBooks and home access. Our pupils’ confidence and enjoyment in maths has increased which in turn has led to higher attainment.

Wensley Fold Church of England Primary School, UK

When we trialled Mathletics we found that the children were instantly motivated and so engaged that we had to go for it! Since using Mathletics we’ve seen levels rise in maths and have definitely noticed an improvement. Our children use Mathletics to apply what they’ve learnt in class and revise their maths. We would definitely recommend Mathletics to other schools.

New Pasture Lane Primary School, UK New Pasture Lane Primary School is a small school in the seaside town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire. We were thrilled to be runners-up in the Pupil Premium National Awards. Our school has 66% FSM pupils and we used a series of different methods to help our students improve. We use Education City but found that we needed to extend our students’ maths learning which is why we bought Mathletics. Mathletics is used to supplement our teaching throughout years 1 and 6.

Through using Mathletics our pupils have become quicker with their maths which in turn has increased their confidence. Overall our pupils have moved up by 2 to 3 sub-levels and this year 100% of our pupils had achieved level 4 in maths.

Flowery Fields Primary, UK

In preparing for SATs we use Mathletics more in school than at home. Teachers use the ‘Results’ area to identify topics that pupils need to work on, and then set activities within these areas. The Mathletics ‘Results’ area is also used to identify whether any intervention is needed. Mathletics is one of several resources used in this way.

Mathletics helps pupils become more confident and engaged in maths. Pupils use Mathletics throughout their school years, but in Year 6 we use it in a more targeted way which helps pupils prepare for their SATs.

From the beginning of the Spring term we begin to revise for SATs. Every couple of weeks we set a practise test in Challenger which helps pupils to get into the habit of answering questions in a timed environment. We use Mathletics, alongside other resources, for focussed revision lessons in school from the beginning of the Summer term. As the term progresses, and in the few weeks leading up to SATs, we aim to cover as many topics as possible. We also have regular pupil progress meetings to identify pupils who need intervention. Mathletics ‘Results’ can help to identify pupils who need intervention. Mathletics has definitely helped to improve our pupils’ numeracy skills. Our SATs results have improved over the last few years, and I would say that the use of Mathletics has contributed to this. We would definitely recommend Mathletics to other schools.

Oliver House, UK I am totally sold on Mathletics and many of the children use it at home. One boy even used it on holiday in Dubai!

St Bees Village School, UK With Mathletics we have seen an improvement in Maths which will impact on our SATs results overall.

St Kentigern’s Academy, UK At St Kentigern’s Academy we are committed to creating a positive culture around mathematics and numeracy and are constantly seeking ways of achieving that objective. We first found out about Mathletics when we participated in World Maths Day in March last year. Mathletics is an online programme which is aimed at improving pupils’ maths and numeracy skills through short and other interactive activities. It helps us achieve this by making maths fun and challenging for all learners.

It enables pupils to participate in mathematics and numeracy activities that are differentiated to their ability level with the opportunity of earning points, certificates and ‘Mathlete’ badges in accordance with their position on the mathletics leaderboard.

After a successful small scale pilot with S1 pupils we decided to roll out Mathletics across our school cluster and now have close to 1,000 pupils from P7-S3 using Mathletics to enhance their learning in mathematics and numeracy. Mathletics meets our needs by allowing us to customise CfE aligned curriculum activities to run in conjunction with our current programmes of learning. This level of customisation enables teachers to track and monitor their pupils’ progress in relation to CfE experiences and outcomes and provides useful information in developing the pupils’ maths and numeracy profile. Another key attraction for us is the level of support that Mathletics provides for pupils through the ‘help button’ function in the activity section of the website. As well as showing pupils how to use the ‘help button’, we also run sessions to help parents support their children in maths and numeracy.

The feedback from parents has been very positive and one of the features they have found most useful is the ‘help button’ itself, as it enables them to see the teaching methods that are being used in the classroom. In addition, our Mathletics coordinator, Richard Carey, celebrates pupils’ success through the use of the Mathletics Wall of Achievement, posting photographs and writing regular updates for the school newsletter.

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