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«Checklist of Missionary Collections July 1988 ©1988 Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403 This publication is funded by a gift from ...»

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Knight Library • University of Oregon • Eugene, Oregon


of Missionary


July 1988

©1988 Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403

This publication is funded by a gift from Mrs. Margaret Woodard Clarke


The manuscript collections described in this checklist are a valuable historical resource on missionary

activities and the social, political, and cultural events of the countries in which the missionaries served.

Their observations and experiences are recorded in the correspondence, journals, diaries, reports, publications, manuscripts, and photographs contained in these collections.

While the majority of the missionaries represented served in China, others carried out their mission work in Japan, Korea, India, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Many were teachers, nurses or doctors, as well as evangelists, and they professed various denominations, including Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Congregational. Women made up a large portion of the mission work force, either as individuals or with their husbands, and it was they who were more often better at writing letters and keeping journals.

I would like to acknowledge Scott Clark for his assistance in compiling this checklist which serves to bring together in one place brief descriptions of the nearly 100 missionary collections housed and preserved in Special Collections of the Knight Library at the University of Oregon. Each description includes the missionary's name, his or her birth and death dates when available, the form of the collection and inclusive dates of the materials, the size of the collection, the de​nomination of the missionary, and the country where the missionary served. Those entries with an asterisk (*) are more fully described in individual inventories available from Special Collections.

Researchers are welcome to use the collections but are encouraged to write or call in advance to ensure access. Special Collections is open weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., closing at 4:00 on Mondays. The Curator of Manuscripts also responds to written questions about the holdings from researchers unable to travel to Eugene. Although unique materials are not available on loan, copies of selected items usually may be ordered.

For further information, write or call, Special Collections, Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403, (503) 686 3068.

Hilary Cummings Curator of Manuscripts Special Collections


*Indicates finding aid available *Abel, Edith F.

Papers, 1915, 1941-1945. 5 letters, photo album.

Methodist Episcopal missionary to China serving at Ngu Cheng, 1915-1918 and Futsing, Fukien Province, 1925 and 1938-1945. (Ax 846) Ankeny, Louise. See Lacy, Henry and Jessie.

*Ashmore, William, 1851-1937, and Lida Scott Lyon, 1852-1934.

Papers, 1850-1937. 5 ft.

American Baptist missionaries to Swatow, China, 1880-1926. Includes diaries and letters. (Ax 564) *Atwood, Hazel M., 1891Miscellaneous papers, 1933-1950. 1 box.

Congregational missionary nurse associated with the Willis F. Pierce Memorial Hospital, Foochow, China. (Ax 855) Bankhardt, Frederick.

Diaries and letters, 1929-1949. 9 vols.

Methodist Episcopal missionary to Yenping, China. See also Russell H. Steininger Correspondence and Frank M. Toothaker Papers. (A 179) Battin, Lora. See Snow, Myra L.

*Benade, J. Martin, 1889-, and Miriam McGaw Benade, 1895Papers, 1894-1973. 3 ft.

Presbyterian missionaries to Lahore, India, from 1912 to the mid-1960s. He taught physics at Forman Christian College and she was a teacher and headmistress at missionary schools. Includes correspondence, notes, manuscript articles, and published material. Collection also contains the papers of Mrs. Benade's parents, Albert C. and Ella McGaw, who were also missionaries in India for almost 40 years, beginning in the early 1890s. (Ax 807) *Billing, Arthur W., 1877-1960, and Mabel Spohr Billing, 1880-1968.

Papers, 1927-1960.2 boxes.

Methodist Episcopal missionaries to China, associated with the Union High School at Foochow, Fukien Province, China. (Ax 652) Boucher, Mae.

Papers, 1926-1949. 1 box, incl. 51 letters.

Methodist Episcopal missionary nurse at Yenping mission, Yenping, Fukien Province, China. Includes a diary for 1926, 51 letters to family, 1926-1930, and two photograph albums. (Ax 262) Boyce, Arthur and Annie.

Papers and pamphlets, 1903-1966.1 box,.25 cu. ft.

Missionaries to Iran. (Coll. 158) Bradshaw, Homer V.

Recollections entitled Behind Bars Behind the Bamboo Curtain, 1955. 54 pp. (mimeographed).

Presbyterian missionary doctor in Linhsien, Kwangtung Province, China. (A 204) Cady, Henry Olin, 1856-1916, and Hattie Yates Cady.

Letters, 1866-1904. 1 folder (photocopies).

Methodist Episcopal missionaries to Chungking and Chentu, China. (A 194) Carlyle, Elizabeth.

Letters, 1937-1938. 10 letters.

Methodist Episcopal missionary nurse serving in Tientsin, China. Letters describe the conquest of Tientsin by the Japanese. (A 165) Chamberlain, Hazel.

Letters from Paraguay, 1922-1925. 46 letters.

Missionary teacher in Villarica and Concepcion, Paraguay, sent out by the Inland South American Mission Union of New York. (A 195) *Cheney, Monona L.

Papers and photographs, 1918-1930. 2 boxes, incl. 266 letters.

Methodist Episcopal missionary teacher who taught at Keen School, Tientsin, 1920; Gamewell School, Peking, 1924-1926; and Yenching University, 1926-1930. (Ax 275) *Coole, Arthur Bradden, 1900-1978, and Ella Coole.

Papers, 1908-1974. 1.5 ft.

Methodist Episcopal missionary teachers serving in Tientsin and Peking, China. Includes- papers of Thomas (1868-1930) and Cora Coole, medical missionary and teacher, respectively, serving in China, 1904-1914 and 1922-1930. (Ax 793) Coole, Thomas and Cora. See Coole, Arthur.

*Crothers, John Y., 1881Papers, 1934-1969. 1 box,.25 cu. ft.

Presbyterian missionary teacher serving in Taegu, Korea, 1909 and Andong, Korea, 1910​1941 and 1947-1951. (Coll.159) Davis, Eliza Anne Hughes.

Letters received, 1897-1920. 1 folder, incl. 79 letters. Methodist Episcopal missionary teacher to Kiukiang, China. (A 285) *Day, Clarence Burton, 1889Papers, 1914-1971. 2 boxes.

Presbyterian missionary teacher at Hangchow College in Hangchow, China, ca. 1915-1943 and 1948​1951; and at Forman Christian College in Lahore, India, 1947. Papers include correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, and a photograph album. (Ax 785) Detweiler, Charles S.

Papers, 1898-1955. 1.5 ft.

Missionary in Ecuador, 1898-1903, for the Gospel Missionary Union. Includes sermons, articles on South and Central American missions, and 12 Letters. (Ax 333) Dobson, W. H. See Pommerenke, Herbert H.

Dodds, Joseph Leroy, 1891​ Correspondence, 1914-1957. 1 folder, incl. 189 letters.

Presbyterian missionary and teacher, North Indian United Theological College, Saharanpur, India. (A 292) *Downs, Darley.

Papers, 1943-1946. 1 box,.25 cu. ft.

Christian missionary in Japan until 1941. See also the William Woodard Papers. (Coll. 111) Dunbar, Elizabeth G. Lewis, 1886​ Autobiography, 1847. 109 pp. typewritten.

Presbyterian medical missionary in India from 1916 to 1947. (A 294) Duncan, Kenneth. See Welch, William Moses.

Dyer, Clara Pearl.

Letters, 1937-1941. 9 letters.

Methodist Episcopal missionary teacher in Changli, China. (A 198) *Dyson, Joseph W., 1889-1965.

Papers, 1959-1965. 2 ft.

Methodist Episcopal missionary teacher at Soochow University, Taipei (Formosa). The papers consist of correspondence, reports, and mementos relating to service as Head of the English Department. (Ax 334) *Faris, Sarah.

Manuscript entitled The Increase, 16 pp.

Assigned to China in 1911, Faris writes the true story of a Buddhist conversion to Christianity in the city of Yingkow. (Ax 846) Farnham, Hubert Henry, 1868-1953.

Papers, 1912-1951. 4 boxes.

Evangelical Church minister of Portland, Oregon. Includes letters from his son, Vernon L. Farnham, (1897- ), Evangelical Church missionary in China, serving in Nanking, Changsha, and Liling. His 53 letters, 1924-1940, give detailed descriptions and comments on mission work and China politics.

Farnham, Vernon L. See Farnham, Hubert Henry. Fife, Elmer. See Sheldon, Sidney R. *Fisher, Alzo John, 1877-1967. Papers, 1894-1962. 3 ft. Presbyterian missionary in China, associated with the Church of Christ in China serving in Sheklung and Canton. Includes manuscript history of Church of Christ in China, and histories of South China mission and Canton station. Also includes correspondence, reports, publications, and photographs. (Ax 430) Frame, John Davidson. See Frame, Murray Scott.

Frame, Murray Scott and Alice Seymore Brown.

Letters, 1901-1916. 1 ft., incl. 234 letters. Congregational missionary teachers. Letters are mostly to his sister, Margaret, and are written from Lahore, India, 1901-1904; New York City, 1904-1907;

Jerusalem, 1907-1908; Berlin, 1908-1909; and Peking, China (American Board Mission), 1910​1916.

Also includes 94 letters, 1905-1942, from his brother, John Davidson Frame, a Presbyterian medical missionary in Persia. (Ax 421) Giffen, Edward E. and Bertha. Letters, 1894-1896.

46 letters.

Methodist missionaries based at Hangkow, China. (A 298) Gress, Ruth A. Papers, 1939-1958.

1 box, incl. 77 letters.

Methodist Episcopal missionary teacher in Nanping, China. She taught at the Ethel Wallace Memorial School. (Ax 423) *Groesbeck, Adam, 1866-, and Clara.

Papers, 1897-1939. 4.5 ft.

Baptist missionaries to the Kwangtung Province of South China from 1897 to 1927 and 1931 to 1935.

He was administrator of the mission and she was a teacher at a boys' school. Includes newsletters, church reports, personal correspondence, diaries, sermons, special interest reports, and photographs.

(Ax 818) *Guttery, Arthur M., 1885-1981.

Papers, 1919-1981. 3 boxes, 1.35 cu. ft.

YMCA missionary in Hankou, China. Collection includes sermons, correspondence, and memoirs by Guttery and several of his YMCA coworkers in China. (Coll. 27) *Hanson, Irene Forsythe, 1898Papers, 1921-1976. 7 boxes, 3.25 cu. ft.

Presbyterian missionary to China, first arriving in Tsingtao, but soon became a village evangelist and teacher bringing Christianity to people in the countryside. Includes correspondence; manuscripts of books, articles, sermons, and slide show scripts; subject files; and near-print material such as newsletters and station reports. (Coll. 28) *Hayes, Barbara M., 1893Biography of John David Hayes, 1973. 1 folder (photocopy).

John David Hayes (1888-1957) was the executive chair of the American Presbyterian Mission in Peking. (A 296) Hayes, John David. See Hayes, Barbara M.

Hobart, Emily. Letters, 1884-1928.

63 letters.

Wife of Methodist missionary, William Hatfield Hobart, who served in Peking and Tsun Hua, China.

Letters are to family members. (A 188) Hoddinott, Lucerne. See Steininger, Russell H.

*Hoffman, Rolla Edwards, 1887Papers, 1915-1957. 1 box, incl. 481 letters.

Presbyterian medical missionary in Iran. Includes itinerary reports, medical reports, and an autobiography. (Ax 703) Ingerson, Vera Frances, 1890Papers, 1916-1965. 1.5 ft.

Presbyterian missionary nurse and teacher in Korea, 1916-1942. Includes diaries, annual reports, personal letters, photographs, and mementos. (Ax 516) *Irwin, Anita R., 1893Letters from missions and missionaries, 1938-1956, incl. 18 letters.

United Presbyterian missionary teacher, serving in Nanhsuchow, Anhwei, China, 1925-1948, and Bangkok, Thailand. (Ax 846) Jaquet, Myra Anna.

Mementos, 1913-1943. 1 folder.

Methodist Episcopal missionary teacher in Peking, China. See also Myra L. Snow Letters. (A 180) *Jarvis, Bruce W., 1885-1970, and Anna Moffet, 1882Papers, 1927-1928. 1.5 ft.

Missionaries to China. Dr. Jarvis' services were in the fields of general practice of medicine and x-ray, while Mrs. Jarvis served in Presbyterian missions in administrative capacities, and after her marriage, in Methodist organizations. Collection of letters, manuscripts, publications, scrapbooks, and photographs concern Anna Moffet's experiences in Nanking, China, 1927-1928, during the war between the Nationalists and South Chinese. (Ax 386) *Johnson, Ebenezer S., 1866Papers, 1916-1936. 1.5 ft.

Methodist Episcopal bishop in South and Central Africa. Includes minutes of Angola, Congo, and Rhodesia mission conferences, clippings, and photographs of mission work. (Ax 659) Johnson, Charles F.

Diary, 1878-1879, and letterpress books, 1900-1904. 5 vols.

Presbyterian medical missionary in Shanghai, Tsingtao, and Ichow-fu, China. The letters describe the Boxer Uprising and reestablishment of the missions. (Ax 268) Lacy, Henry Veere, 1886-, and Jessie Ankeny Lacy.

Letters, 1909-1950. 1 ft., incl. about 400 letters.

Methodist Episcopal missionary teachers serving in Fukien Province (Foochow) China, 1909-1949, and in Singapore, 1949-1952. There is also a series of letters, 1920-1926, from Mrs. Lacy's sister, Louise Ankeny, a teacher in China. (Ax 412) Lawrence, Edna.

Miscellaneous letters and papers relating to Presbyterian missions in Korea, 1905-1954. 1 folder.

Includes information on Presbyterian hospital, Taegu, and Severance Union Medical College, Seoul.

Some of the letters and reports are by Esther L. Shields. (A 205) *Llewellyn, Eleanore.

Manuscripts, n.d..5 ft.

Presbyterian missionary to West Pakistan, arriving there in 1919. Manuscript, My Tears in Thy Bottle, is the story of the conversion of an "untouchable." Also included is a brief biography of her husband, Frank Bowman Llewellyn. (Ax 858) *McAnlis, William W. and Josephine.

Papers, 1920; 1942-1965. 1 box,.25 cu. ft.

Presbyterian medical missionaries to the Philippines from 1925 to 1964. Includes diaries, correspondence, and writings. (Coll. 105) McGaw, Albert C. and Ella. See Benade, J. Martin and Miriam.

*Mackenzie, Virginia M., 1894Letters, 1949-1950, and publications. 1 box,.25 cu. ft.

Presbyterian missionary teacher to Shimonoseki, Osaka, Sapporo, and Tokyo, Japan. (Coll. 160) *Magness, Bertha E.

Papers, 1916-1941. 3 folders.

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