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«DATA SHEET LCMS Xyleme LCMS Xyleme LCMS (Learning Content Management System) is a fully integrated environment for authoring, ...»

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www.xyleme.com/lcms Xyleme LCMS Xyleme LCMS (Learning Content Management System) is a fully integrated environment for authoring, managing, and publishing XML-based online courseware, instructor-led materials, mobile learning products, and performance support tools.

Xyleme LCMS allows you to streamline and scale your content strategy while dramatically reducing the time to market for your training products through single-source technology and rapid reuse of content.

// SINGLE SOURCE From Rapid Authoring to Rapid Reuse Xyleme LCMS is a very efficient single-source content development platform for authoring and rapid reuse of content across any print or digital format. This is accomplished through Xyleme LCMS where training content is centrally located, converted into 100% native XML, and available on- demand for developing online courses, printed materials, slides, ebooks, mobile or tablet output and more.

// AUTHORING The Industry’s Only True Single-Source Development Xyleme LCMS provides a rich, web-based interface for an effortless authoring experience, and a consistent and structured authoring process designed to promote high quality training materials.

Users have secure access to Xyleme LCMS through a web browser to quickly access training templates that are formatted, branded and stored in the same central repository as content. This allows users to easily access all of the tools needed to rapidly develop new, customized and derivative materials.

Flexibility: Xyleme LCMS provides the flexibility to organize and structure training content with an authoring method that best fits the needs of the organization.

Rich Content Editor: A structured, topic-based editor

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©   Copyright  2012  Xyleme,  Inc.  Xyleme  and  Pastiche  are  registered  trademarks,  all  rights  reserved.  All  other  product  names  mentioned  herein  are  the   property  of  their  respective  owners.           support any instructional design methodology and provide flexibility in content creation while ensuring compliance with corporate standards and guidelines.

Drag and Drop for Rapid Reuse: Learning objects can be quickly reused through drag and drop editing into multiple learning products. This enables effortless content reuse by eliminating the cumbersome and risky tasks of cutting, pasting and reformatting.

Interactive Content: Users can produce rich training materials with the wide variety of built-in activity and question types, and enhance your content with the support for video, audio, Adobe Flash, PowerPoint Slides and Java applets.

Search: Users can build and save granular queries on any combination of text, XML structure, object properties, workflow data, or metadata. This ensures faster and better retrieval of content to drive efficient content reuse and rapid development for training materials.

Media Management: The media manager provides direct access to either internal or external media or enterprise repository. Allows users to open, edit and save media in their native applications such as Adobe/Macromedia products, directly from Xyleme LCMS. All media can be tagged with metadata for easy search and reuse.

// MIGRATION Immediately Leverage Legacy Content Xyleme LCMS provides out-of-the-box functionality to automatically import learning content from multiple formats and transform it to XML.

Unlike other LCMS vendors who simply cannot import legacy content, Xyleme LCMS enables effortless integration and conversion of learning content from legacy applications, other functional applications and proprietary content management systems.

This allows you to achieve the maximum ROI of your learning content investment through open, platform-agnostic content that can be output to any delivery modality and can conform to any industry standard.

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Xyleme LCMS also imports unstructured content from.zip and media files into its repository.

Supported media file formats include.jpeg,.jpg,.png,.gif,.tif,.tiff,.eps, avi,.mov,.swf,.flv,.mp3, and.wav.

// CONTENT MANAGEMENT Flexible and Collaborative Content Management Within Xyleme LCMS, each learning object, rather than an entire document, is an independent asset. As a result, any number of learning objects can be simultaneously checked-in/-out, previewed, edited, reviewed or sent through Xyleme LCMS built-in production workflow. This enables parallel project development to optimize collaboration and improve time-to-market.

Task Management: Instructional Designers can create tasks for each piece of content, define the requirements and deadline and assign them to users.

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© Copyright  2012  Xyleme,  Inc.  Xyleme  and  Pastiche  are  registered  trademarks,  all  rights  reserved.  All  other  product  names  mentioned  herein  are  the   property  of  their  respective  owners.           Check-In/Check-Out: Locks the selected learning object for exclusive editing while not affecting its children, and allows learning objects to be developed in parallel by multiple subject matter experts.

Advanced Versioning: Allows each version to be opened, previewed, edited, and compared with previous versions or rolled forward, and allows users to track changes and avoid content loses as content goes through the editorial life cycle.

Security: All learning objects in Xyleme LCMS have associated security metadata that defines user access and type of access (administer, read, update). The security model supports both users and groups so permissions can be easily defined at each level.

Specialized Interfaces: Supports knowledge capture from subject matter experts (SMEs) through a lightweight, forms-based editor that can send content via email. Facilitates collaboration and allows for the easy management of a large group of geographically dispersed SMEs.

Review Engine: Allows users to initiate a review, choose the review format and select one or more reviewers. Content is locked during the review session and each comment is associated to the corresponding piece of content and flagged to keep track of their status. The full history of comments is available at any time. The review engine enables real-time collaboration during the review process and ensures all users are reviewing the same content.

Project Management Xyleme LCMS provides the ability to build production schedules for your projects. You can now manage and track the development of a specific training product or individual outputs associated with it. To start your project you define your own workflow, add tasks to the plan with the corresponding estimated dates and define the resource requirements. You can then drag and drop to link tasks to content objects. While the project is running the team can set revised date estimates and actual dates once a particular task is finished.

The Production Scheduling feature provides project visibility to managers through a report engine to follow the progress of the different projects and tasks. The reporting is very flexible and managers can filter the projects and tasks using many different filters to accommodate their business requirements.

// PUBLISHING With the Xyleme LCMS single-source platform, content is created once as reusable learning objects that can be effortlessly repurposed and reassembled into custom training content and output to print, Web, eReader, mobile or tablet format. Since all content is created and stored as open, platformagnostic XML, your content is ready to be immediately leveraged through new formats as they emerge.

Key Features and Benefits Publishing Templates Library: Templates govern the presentation and output format. Multiple publishing templates can be applied to a single piece of content. Enables on-demand single-source publishing to any output format while ensuring consistency in presentation, branding, and look-andfeel across all blended learning products.


© Copyright  2012  Xyleme,  Inc.  Xyleme  and  Pastiche  are  registered  trademarks,  all  rights  reserved.  All  other  product  names  mentioned  herein  are  the   property  of  their  respective  owners.           XML Format: Templates are built in open, platform-neutral XML, separating content from presentation. Eliminates wasteful processes such as cutting, pasting, reformatting and importing/exporting content when reusing across multiple delivery formats.

Automated Style Definitions: The structure, navigation and sequencing of a course is automatically generated rather than authored. Speeds up the development process by allowing reference materials, such as tables of content, glossaries, indexes, tables and others, to be generated on-the-fly.

Cloud Publishing: Content can be published directly from Xyleme LCMS to BravaisTM, Xyleme’s content delivery service which stores and intelligently manages content as individual learning objects. Bravais provides a cloud of learning content upon which personalized learning applications can be quickly built. For more information about Bravais visit http://www.xyleme.com/product/bravais.

Print-to-Web Transformation: Enables same content to be presented as both interactive web content and high quality print output. Allows single-source of content to be automatically adapted to the output format.

Print Outputs Instructional Design Documents Design document, storyboards, production reports Instructor-led Materials Student guides, instructor guides, instructor program support materials, handout packs, slide decks, quizzes, exam bubble sheets / answer keys, and flashcards Web Outputs eLearning Any online course including SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, Common Cartridge compliant courseware, AICC AGR 10 compliant courseware, plus online exam IMS QTI Performance Support Online knowledge bases, exportable help files, reference materials, job aids and wall charts Web Outputs Tablet-Pastiche A specific output for tablets that is distributed through the Pastiche Store and played on the iPad through the Pastiche app. You can get your custom branded version of the store and iPad app. For more information about Pastiche visit http://www.xyleme.com/product/pastiche.

Mobile Web iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, Android tablets, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile devices, and any html mobile browser-based applications

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© Copyright  2012  Xyleme,  Inc.  Xyleme  and  Pastiche  are  registered  trademarks,  all  rights  reserved.  All  other  product  names  mentioned  herein  are  the   property  of  their  respective  owners.           Mobile LMS An output to mobile specific LMSs like OnPoint Digital’s CellCast platform providing LMS tracking features across a wide variety of mobile devices.

eBook ePub standard output that can be read in any eReader supporting the ePub format.

// TRANSLATION Enable Localization at the Authoring Stage Translation functionality based on open standards, such as XLIFF, has been integrated with Xyleme LCMS to make localization part of the core learning content life cycle. Users can maintain a singlesource of content while adapting content as needed to multiple audience requirements such as branding and cultural differences. This eliminates the siloed, after-the-fact approaches to localization and translation to enable efficient and scalable content strategies.

Key features and benefits

XLIFF support XLIFF (XML Localizations Interchange File Format) is an XML-based format created to standardize translation and localization. From Xyleme LCMS you can now export your master content to XLIFF, get it translated by an agency or using existing software tools and import it back to obtain the translated version of your document.

Variable Text Designate words or terminology as variable and then dynamically substitute those words at the point-of-publishing (e.g. ‘ize’ vs. ‘ise’ for American and British English).

Maintain a single-source of content while adapting on-the-fly to multiple audience requirements such product names, branding and cultural differences.

Export to third-party Tools Generates XML files and administers the communication of these files to and from external translation vendors. Manages any incremental changes that occur.

Facilitates working with translation service vendors by managing the workflow of sending and receiving translated content.

Side-by-side Translation Translate content object-by-object, view side-by-side and set flag to identify the state of translation.

Speeds up the internal translation process by allowing for dispersed translation and the quick identification of content status for an object.

Compare Compares two versions of same content and identifies insertions, deletions and amendments.

Details the types of changes made to the content.

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© Copyright  2012  Xyleme,  Inc.  Xyleme  and  Pastiche  are  registered  trademarks,  all  rights  reserved.  All  other  product  names  mentioned  herein  are  the   property  of  their  respective  owners.           Used in conjunction with other translation features to identify, on-demand, the status of content since it was sent for translation.

// ABOUT XYLEME Xyleme, Inc. is the leader in standards-based learning content management solutions that enable single-source publishing of training content. Its flagship product, Xyleme LCMS is 100% XML-based, providing the industry’s most efficient content development platform for the rapid reuse of content across all types of print, eLearning, tablet and mobile outputs.

At the forefront of innovation, Xyleme supports a wide range of learning platforms. This includes PasticheTM, Xyleme’s end-to-end solution for rapidly deploying interactive and privately branded iPad or Kindle Fire apps and BravaisTM, Xyleme’s cloud-based distribution service that enables the delivery of personalized learning experiences through users’ favorite media channels on the devices of their choice.

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