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«CONTACT Department of English Language and Literature Building Arizona State University Tempe, AZ 85281 Tel: 480 965 3723 E-mail: ...»

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David Hawkes


Department of English

Language and Literature Building

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ 85281

Tel: 480 965 3723

E-mail: David.Hawkes@asu.edu


Ph.D..........Columbia University..........1992

M.Phil.......Columbia University.....….1990

M.A...........Columbia University…......1988

B.A............Oxford University..............1986


2008- Professor, Department of English, Arizona State University 2007-2008 Associate Professor, Department of English, Arizona State University 1998-2007 Associate Professor, Department of English, Lehigh University 1992-1998 Assistant Professor, Department of English, Lehigh University 1991-1992 Instructor, Department of English, Lehigh University 1988-1991 Teaching Assistant, Department of English, Columbia University


Spring 2010: Department of Foreign Languages, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey Winter 2008: Department of English. Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India


2009 Senior Research Leave, Department of English, Arizona State University 2009 Humanities Fellowship, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2006 William A. Ringler Fellowship at the Huntington Library 2002-03 Long-term National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship at the Folger Shakespeare Library 1992 Franz Summer Fellowship, Lehigh University 1987-91 Margorie Hope Nicolson Fellowship, Columbia University 1984-86 College Scholarship, Oxford University


Books: Monographs The Culture of Usury in Renaissance England (Palgrave: London and New York, 2010) John Milton: A Hero of Our Time (Counterpoint Press: London and New York, 2009) The Faust Myth: Religion and the Rise of Representation (Palgrave: London and New York, 2007) Idols of the Marketplace: Idolatry and Commodity Fetishism in English Literature, 1580- 1680 (Palgrave: London and New York, 2001) Ideology (Routledge: London and New York, 1996; revised second edition 2003; Korean translation 2001) Books: Editions The Book of Nature and Humanity in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, ed. David Hawkes and Richard G. Newhauser, (Turnhout: Brepols, 2013)

Notes and Introduction to The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (Barnes and Noble:

London and New York, 2005) Notes and Introduction to Paradise Lost by John Milton (Barnes and Noble: London and New York, 2004) Journal Articles ‘Against Idealism Too: A Response to Critics’ Early Modern Culture 10 (2012) ‘Against Materialism in Literary Theory,’ Early Modern Culture 9 (2012) ‘Milton and Usury’ English Literary Renaissance 41:3 (Autumn 2011), pp. 503-528.

‘Thomas Gresham’s Law, Jane Shore’s Mercy: Value and Class in the Plays of Thomas Heywood,’ English Literary History 77:1 (Spring 2010), pp.25-44.

‘Islam and the Economy of the Senses in Renaissance English Literature,’ The Senses and Society 5:1 (March 2010), pp.142-157.

‘Milton among the Pragmatists,’ University of Toronto Quarterly 77:3 (Summer 2008), pp.923-939.

‘Faust among the Witches: Towards an Ethics of Representation,’ Early Modern Culture 4 (2004).

‘The Concept of the “Hireling” in Milton’s Theology,’ Milton Studies 43 (2004) pp.64-85 ‘Inheriting the Wind: A Response to Critics,’ The Nation (10/14/2002) pp.23-27 ‘The Politics of Character in Milton’s Divorce Tracts,’ Journal of the History of Ideas 62:1 (January 2001) pp.141-160 ‘Thomas Traherne: A Critique of Political Economy,’ The Huntington Library Quarterly 62:4 (Spring 2000) pp.369-88 ‘Sodomy, Usury and the Narrative of Shakespeare’s Sonnets,’ Renaissance Studies 14:3 (September 2000) pp.344-361 ‘Commodification and Subjectivity in John Bunyan’s Fiction,’ The Eighteenth Century:

Theory and Interpretation 41:1 (Spring 2000) pp.37-55 ‘Idolatry and Commodity Fetishism in the Antitheatrical Controversy,’ Studies in English Literature 39:2 (Spring 1999) pp.255-273

–  –  –

Omnibus review of all Renaissance literary criticism published in 2012 (approximately 60 books, circa 30pp), Studies in English Literature forthcoming, Winter 2013 ‘The New Puritanisms,’ review of Godly Reading by Andrew Cambers, The Intellectual Culture of Puritan Women, 1558—1680 by Johanna Harris and Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (eds.), American Spaces of Conversion by Andrea Knutson, and Milton Among the Puritans by Catherine Gimelli Martin, Times Literary Supplement (28/08/2011, approx 6,000 words) ‘The Puffers’ Progress: the Alchemical Origins of Modern Science,’ review of Promethean Ambitions: Alchemy and the Quest to Perfect Nature by William R.

Newman, and The Alchemy Reader: From Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton. ed.

Stanton J. Linden, Clio 34:4 (Fall-Winter 2005) pp.75-86 ‘Materialism and Reification in Early Modern Studies,’ review of Liquid Assets, Dangerous Gifts by Valentin Groeber; Staged Properties ed. Jonathan Gil Harris and Natasha Korda, Shakespeare’s Domestic Economies by Natasha Korda, Imperfect Sense by Victoria Silver and The Rhetoric of Credit by Ceri Sullivan, Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies, (Winter, 2004) pp.114-129

–  –  –

‘Shakespeare, Bacon and the “Torture” of Nature,’ in Embodied Cognition and

Shakespeare’s Theatre: The Early Modern Body-Mind, ed. Laurie Johnson (Routledge:

London and New York, forthcoming 2014) ‘Reports of the Death of the Author: the Hard Problem in Literary Theory,’ in Brain and Mind: The Hard Problem in the History of Neuroscience, ed. Christopher Smith and Harry Whitaker (Springer: London and New York, forthcoming 2014) ‘Middleton and Usury’ in The Oxford Handbook to Thomas Middleton ed. Gary Taylor (Oxford UP, 2012) pp.281-95 ‘Against Materialism in Literary Theory’ in The Return of Theory in Early Modern English Studies: Tarrying with the Subjunctive eds. Paul Cefalu and Bryan Reynolds (Palgrave: London and New York, 2011), pp. 237-57 ‘Raising Mephistopheles: Magic and Alienated Labor in The Tempest’ in Michelle Dowd and Natasha Korda (eds.), Working Subjects: Labor and Representation on the Renaissance Stage (Routledge: London and New York, 2011), pp. 177-92.

‘The Secular and the Post-secular in the Thought of Edward Said,’ in Histories of Postmodernism: The Precursors, The Heyday, The Legacy, eds. Mark Bevir, Jill Hargis, and Sara Rushing (Routledge: London and New York, 2007), pp. 101-29 ‘British Contemporary Comedy,’ in Comedy: A Geographic and Historical Guide ed.

Maurice Charney (Greenwood Press: London and New York, 2005) pp.185-198 ‘Virtue, Commerce and History in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar,’ in Shakespearean Criticism: Julius Caesar ed. Horst Zander (Garland: London and New York, 2005) pp.199-212 ‘Voodoo Politics: Tyranny and Enlightenment in Haiti and Britain,’ in Collective Action ed. Megan Shaw Prelinger and Joel Schalit (Pluto Press: London and New York, 2004) pp.32-36 ‘Empiricism and Exchange-value in George Herbert’s The Temple,’ in Money and the Age of Shakespeare: Essays in the New Economic Criticism ed. Linda Woodbridge (Palgrave: London and New York, 2003) pp.79-96 ‘Master of His Ways? Predestination, Allegory and Reification in Mr. Badman,’ in John Bunyan: Reading Dissenting Writing ed. N.H. Keeble (Peter Lang: London and New York, 2002) pp.211-230 ‘Roddy Doyle,’ in British Authors Digest vol. V ed. George Stade (Scribners: London and New York, 1999) pp.77-94 ‘Agatha Christie,’ in Mystery and Suspense Writers ed. Robin Winks (Scribners: London and New York, 1998) pp.195-216 ‘Martin Amis,’ in British Authors Digest vol. IV ed. George Stade (Scribners: London and New York, 1997) pp.25-44 ‘”The Shadow of this Time:” The Renaissance Cinema of Derek Jarman,’ in By Angels Driven: The Films of Derek Jarman ed.

Christopher Lippard (Greenwood Press: London and New York, 1996) pp.103-116; translated into Hungarian and reprinted in Metropolis (2005) Encyclopedia Entries ‘Commodification’ in Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory (Blackwells: Oxford, 2010) ‘Materialism’ in Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory (Blackwells:

Oxford, 2010) ‘Reification’ in Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory (Blackwells:

Oxford, 2010) ‘Enclosures’ in The Greenwood Shakespeare Encyclopedia ed. Patricia Parker (Greenwood Press, 2010) ‘Idolatry and Iconoclasm’ in The Greenwood Shakespeare Encyclopedia ed. Patricia Parker (Greenwood Press, 2010)

–  –  –

The Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Left by Landon Storrs, Times Literary Supplement, forthcoming 2013 Milton, de la famille à la République: Droit au divorce et droit des peuples by Christophe Tournu, Renaissance Quarterly, forthcoming 2013 Coinage and State Formation in Early Modern English Literature by Stephen Deng, Journal of British Studies, 52:2 (April 2013) The Science of Language: Interviews with James McGilvray by Noam Chomsky, and How the World Works, by Noam Chomsky, Times Literary Supplement, 8/29/12 pp.3-5 The Cultural Return by Susan Hegeman, Times Literary Supplement, 8/15/12 p.23 Christian Identity: Jews & Israel in Seventeenth-Century England by Aschah Guibbory, Modern Philology forthcoming 2012 English Revenge Drama: Money, Resistance, Equality by Linda Woodbridge, Times Literary Supplement (04/05/2011) Milton’s Prudent Ambiguities: Words and Signs in his Poetry and Prose by Martin Kuester, Milton Quarterly 45:2 (May 2011), pp.6-9.

On Demand: Writing for the Market in Early Modern England by David Baker, Times Literary Supplement, (9/17/2010).

Shakespeare and the Economic Imperative by Peter Grav, Shakespeare Quarterly 61:2

(Summer 2010) pp.271-4 Untimely Matter in the Time of Shakespeare by Jonathan Gil Harris, Clio 39:1 (Fall

2009) pp.99-103 Writing Lives: Biography and Textuality, Identity and Representation in Early Modern England eds. Kevin Sharpe and Steven N. Zwicker, Times Literary Supplement (7/17/2009) p.12 Transversal Enterprises in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries by Bryan Reynolds, Theatre Survey 50:1 (2009) pp. 141-3 Fiction Sets You Free: Literature, Liberty and Western Culture by Russell A. Berman, Times Literary Supplement (10/24/2008) pp.24-5 Shakespeare in French Theory: King of Shadows by Richard Wilson, Shakespeare Quarterly 59:4 (Winter 2008) Law and Representation in Early Modern Drama by Subha Mukherji, Times Literary Supplement, (9/21/2007) p.23 Treason by Words: Literature, Law, and Rebellion in Early Modern England by Rebecca Lemon and Solon and Thespis: Law and Theater in the English Renaissance ed. Dennis Kezar, Times Literary Supplement (5/4/2007) pp.9-10 Shakespeare and Republicanism by Andrew Hadfield, Times Literary Supplement (9/1/2006) p.17 John Bunyan and the Language of Conviction by Beth Lynch, Times Literary Supplement (5/12/2006) p.29 English Witchcraft 1560--1736 ed. James Sharpe, in 1650--1850: Ideas, Aesthetics and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era (2006) pp. 64-66 English Biography in the Seventeenth Century by Alan Pritchard, Times Literary Supplement (4/28/2006) p.32 Sonnet Sequences and Social Distinction in Renaissance England by Christopher Warley, Shakespeare Quarterly 57.2 (Summer 2006), pp.218-20

Freedom of Speech in Early Stuart England by David Colclough and Courting the Abyss:

Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition by John Durham Peters, Times Literary Supplement (8/19/2005) p.31 Shakespeare and Marx by Gabriel Egan, Times Literary Supplement (1/31/2005) p.29 Sports, Politics and Culture in Early Modern England by Gregory Semanza, and The Book of Games by George Puttenham, Times Literary Supplement (11/19/2004) pp.10-11 George Herbert: A Literary Life by Cristina Malcolmson, Times Literary Supplement (7/30/2004) p.29 Anthony Munday and Civic Culture by Tracey Hill, Times Literary Supplement (7/23/2004) p.31 Mammon’s Music by Blair Hoxby, Times Literary Supplement (4/2/2004) p.10 Plagiarism in Early Modern England ed. Paulina Kewes, Times Literary Supplement (10/17/2003) pp.8-9, reprinted in The Hindu (India) (1/12/2004) Dead Cities by Mike Davies, In These Times (1/20/2003) pp.22-24 The Future of US Capitalism by Frederic Pryor, In These Times (9/16/2002) pp.26-27 Who Rules in Science? by James Robert Brown, Times Literary Supplement (8/9/2002) p.28 The Structure of Evolutionary Theory by Stephen Jay Gould, The Nation (6/10/2002) pp.29-34 Economics and Culture by David Throsby and Market Society by Dan Slater and Fran Tonkiss, The Nation (1/21/2002) pp.28-32 Human Nature and the Limits of Science by John Dupre, Times Literary Supplement (1/11/2002) pp.5-6 Privatizing Culture by Chin-tao Wu, Times Literary Supplement (11/23/2001) p.26 Modernisms by Peter Nicholls, In-between (Fall 1998) pp.59-63 Counter-Revolution: The Second Civil War and its Origins 1646-48 by Robert Ashton, Seventeenth-century News (Summer, 1997) The Legacy of Northrop Frye by Alvin A. Lee, Seventeenth-century News (Spring, 1997) Radical Tragedy (second edition) by Jonathan Dollimore, Seventeenth-century News (Fall, 1996)


‘The Faust Myth,’ Plenary Address, Conference on Mythology, University of Essex.

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