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«The stories of one's ancestors make the children good children. They accept what is pleasing to the Will of the True Guru, and act accordingly. ( ...»

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Stories from Sikh History

(Part 2)

The stories of one's ancestors make the

children good children. They accept what is

pleasing to the Will of the True Guru, and

act accordingly.

( Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 951)

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Sakhi Series :- 100 ( Guru HarGobind Sahib and the Limitless Langar )

Sakhi Series :- 101 (Bhai Bhota Singh and Garja Singh)

Sakhi Series :- 102 ( Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji )

Sakhi Series :- 103 ( Offer something which is your own)

Sakhi Series:- 104 ( Sudama and Krishna)

Sakhi Series :- 105 ( BHAI BHOOMIYA and the 3 golden rules)

Sakhi Series :- 106 ( Kaka Hakikat Rai Singh)

Sakhi Series :- 107 ( Guru Jee and Sayt)

Sakhi Series :- 108 ( Guru Angad Sahib Ji and King Humayun)

Sakhi Series :- 109 ( Hari Singh Nalwa and the Pathans)

Sakhi Series :- 110 ( Getting Advice from Siri Guru Granth Sahib )

Sakhi Series :- 111 ( Sarang Asraja : "Tunda-Asaraja ki Dhuni")

Sakhi Series :- 112 (Guru Ji )

Sakhi Series :- 113 ( Kauda Rakhash)

Sakhi Series :- 114 ( Bhagat Fareed Ji)

Sakhi Series :- 115 ( Nāme nārā▫in nāhī bẖeḏ )

Sakhi Series :- 116 (Bibi Baghel Kaur )

Sakhi Series :- 117 ( Hari Singh Nalwa and the Battle of Naushehra )

Sakhi Series :- 118 ( Sakhi of the Kara and Guru Gobind Singh)

Sakhi Series :- 119 ( “Hazar Gher Hazar, Gher Hazar Hazar”)

Sakhi Series :- 120 [THE SECOND SIKH HOLOCAUST (Wadda Ghalughara)]

Sakhi Series:- 121 (Mahant Kirpal Daas at Paonta Sahib)

Sakhi Series :- 122 ( 25 Years since 1984)

Sakhi Series :- 123 (Guru Gobind Singh ji and Hari Chand)

Sakhi Series :- 124 (The great archer)

Sakhi Series :- 125 ( Budhu da Aawa Kachha )

Sakhi Series :- 126 ( The Gyani Ji And The Quarter )

Sakhi Series :- 127 ( Two Mice )

Sakhi Series :- 128 ( Sham Singh ji Attari )

Sakhi Series :- 129 ( Bhagat Trilochan Ji and Antarjami )

Sakhi Series :- 130 ( Delhi Under Sikh Raj : Sardar Baghel Singh Karor Singhia )

Sakhi Series :- 131 ( Guru Hargobind Sahib JI : batan faquiri, zahir amiri)

Sakhi Series :- 132 ( King and his four wives....)

Sakhi Series :- 133 ( 1984 : The Power of Five )

Sakhi Series :- 134 ( Even Pain And Hunger Are Your Gifts )

Sakhi Series :- 135 ( Ajaamal paapi )

Sakhi Series :- 136 (Guru Nanak Dev ji and fake saadhu)

Sakhi Series :- 137 ( Baba jawala singh harkowahal’s updesh about dyhaan )

Sakhi Series :- 138 ( village of children )

Sakhi Series :- 139 ( Baba Moti Ram Mehra )

Sakhi Series :- 140 ( mith bolarraa jee har sajan suaamee moraa )

Sakhi Series :- 141 ( S Subeg Singh Ji )

Sakhi Series :- 142 ( The Guru Teaches Etiquette )

Sakhi Series :- 143 ( Destiny Achieved Through Prayer )

Sakhi Series :- 144 ( Blessing of Sangat )

Sakhi Series :- 145 ( Bhai Abdullah and Bhai Natha)

Sakhi Series :- 146 ( Ham Paapee Paathhar Neer Dubath Kar Kirapaa Paakhan Ham Thaaree)

Sakhi Series :- 147 ( Hamri Karo Hath Dai Rachha )

Sakhi Series :- 148 ( Bhagat Ravidas ji in Chitaur )

Sakhi Series :- 149 ( Ganika Paapan Swam Across the Worldly Ocean)

Sakhi Series :- 150 ( Stone, Nitnem and world ocean )

Sakhi Series :- 151 ( King Ambaris and Durvasa)

Sakhi series :- 152 ( Bhai Suthraa Ji )

Page 2 http://www.tuhitu.blogspot.com Sakhi Series :- 153 (Bhai Bharu and Guru Har Gobind Sahib ji)

Sakhi Series :- 154 ( Painde Khan : The Paththan of the Guru )

Sakhi Series :- 155 ( Air Marshal Shivdev Singh )

Sakhis Series:- 156 ( Guru Nanak Sahib ji and Bhai Mardana ji)

Sakhi Series :- 157 (Better To Die Than To Live Alone )

Sakhi Series :- 158 ( True Living )

Sakhi Series :- 159 ( Fill it and Feel the difference )

Sakhi Series :- 160 ( Cash and Trash )

Sakhi Series :- 161 ( Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji )

Sakhi Series :- 162 ( Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Duni Chand )

Sakhi Series :- 163 ( The Sakhi of Bhagat Prahlaad Ji )

Sakhi Series :- 164 ( Mere Rituals are of No Avail )

Sakhi Series :- 165 ( Do Good )

Sakhi Series :- 166 ( Bhagat Dhanna Ji )

Sakhi Series :- 167 ( Muslim Pir Redeemed )

Sakhi Series :- 168 ( Solar Exlipse at Kurukshetra)

Sakhi Series :- 169 ( This Fauji is Ready Now)

Sakhi Series :- 170 ( Guru nanak Dev ji and Bhai Mardana Ji)

Sakhi Series :- 171 ( Truth and Falsehood)

Sakhi Series :- 172 ( Baba terian tu he janne)

Sakhi Series :- 173 ( Guru Gobind Singh ji and Naina Devi Yagna ?)

Sakhi Series :- 174 ( Sheshnag covered Sri Guru Nanak Deb ji’s face from the sun)

Sakhi Series :- 175 ( Bandi-Chhor Devas - Diwali)

Sakhi Series :- 176 ( Prayer of a Sikh)

Sakhi Series :- 177 ( Manmukh and Gurmukh )

Sakhi Series :- 178 ( The Gold Watch and a Gursikh’s Amritvela)


Sakhi Series :- 180 ( Bhai Bahlo sabh taun pehlo)

Sakhi Series :- 181 ( Bhai Sudh Singh’s first meeting with Bhai Veer Singh ji)

Sakhi Series :- 182 ( Bhai Kirtiya Ji )

Sakhi Series :- 183 ( Bhai Paira and Durga )

Sakhi Series :- 184 ( Simran is the Key)

Sakhi Series :- 185 (Chandrahans & Dhrishtbudhi)

Sakhi Series :- 186 ( Kali Sweeps the Floors of Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

Sakhi Series :- 187 ( How to Escape the Cycle of Birth and Death )

Sakhi Series :- 188 ( The Horrifying Cobra that blocked the way of Gurmukhs)

Sakhi Series :- 189 ( Naam Simran )

Sakhi Series :- 190 ( Baba Nand Singh Jees 1st Darshan Of Satguru jee )

Sakhi Series :- 191 ( Simplicity )

Sakhi Series :- 192 ( ‘Waheguru’ Name is the Giver of the Four Boons )

Sakhi Series :- 193 ( Mischief by Chandu )

Sakhi Series :- 194 ( Bhagat Kabir JI & The Child)

Sakhi Series :- 195 ( Compositions of Bhai Gurdas are the Explanations of Gurbani)

Sakhi Series :- 196 ( The Power of MOOL MANTRA )

Sakhi Series :- 197 ( The Rose )

Sikh Sakhis :- 198 ( Deewan Kaura Mall )

Sakhi Series :- 199 ( Bhai Ladha ji )

Sakhi Series 200 :- ( You Need a true Guru )

Sakhi Series :- 201 ( Three Questions )

Sakhi Series :- 202 (Lootna hai tau Loot le...)

Sakhi Series :- 203 ( Bhai Jetha Jee )

Sakhi Series :- 204 ( Kataru And Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Mahraaj )

Sakhi Series :- 205 ( Bhagat Dhroo Ji)

Sakhi Series :- 206 ( Amazing Journey of Guru Tegh Bahadur's Sees )

Sakhi Series :- 207 ( To the happy person, everyone seems happy. To the sick person, everyone looks sick ) 140 Page 3 http://www.tuhitu.blogspot.com Sakhi Series :- 208 ( Guru Nanak Dev Ji & Bhai Maskeen)

Sakhi Series :- 209 ( BHAYEE JEET MERI, KIRPA KAAL TERI|| )

Sakhi Series :- 210 ( Bhai Nand Lal ji)

Sakhi Sakhis :- 211 ( Bhai Bagga Singh & The Horse Thief )

Sakhi Series :- 212 (Sant Gurbachan Singh's visit to Shaheed Sarovar)

Sakhi Series :- 213 ( nindho nindho mo ko log nindho )

Sakhi Series :- 214 ( Bhoot pret )

Sakhi Series :- 215 (Baba Narain Singh Nabha)

Sakhi Series :- 216 (Guru Nanak Dev ji in Mecca)

Sakhi Series :- 217 (Bhai Nihang Khan)

Sakhi Series :- 218 ( Dhan Dhan Raja Janak Hai )

Sakhi Series :- 219 (A Visitor from Rome)

Sakhi Series :- 220 ( Bhai Kala )

Sakhi Serires :- 221 ( Guru Arjan Dev Ji - the first Sikh martyr )

Sakhi Series :- 222 ( Do not call the dogs dogs, because they are lions )

Sakhi Series :- 223 (Ram Rai and Aurangzeb)

Sakhi Series :- 224 ( Bhagat kabir ji and Mata Loi )

Sakhi Series :- 225 (The world has a double face)

–  –  –

During the time of Guru Hargobind Sahib, there was a Sikh woman, Bibi Santi, who was married into a family in the village of Butala. Bibi Santi's parents were Sikhs but due to circumstances, found herself married into a family that believed in Sakhi Sarvar (a Muslim Pir).

Bibi Santi read Gurbani daily and had a deep love for the Guru. Her mother-in-law however, could not tolerate this faith in Sikhi. Eventually, Bibi Santi was asked to leave the family's house and was made to live in a hut outside.

Bibi Santi was in a way happy that now she would be able to read Gurbani without anyone objecting. Slowly she was able to influence her husband through stories of the Guru and he too became a Sikh.

After some time, a son was born to Bibi Santi who was named Pulla. The happiness in the small family was short lived however as Bibi Santi's husband died quite suddenly.

Faith in Satguru Jee Bibi Santi did not lose her faith and kept walking on the path of Gurmat. She taught her son stories of the Guru and also Gurbani. Bhai Pulla too developed a love for the Guru and had a deep desire to one day have Guru Sahib's darshan. He would ask his mother when Guru Sahib would come to them and Bibi Santi would reply, "Satguru jee is antarjami (all-knowing).

Wherever his Sikhs remember him, he will certainly come to meet them."

Young Bhai Pulla now had a non-stop longing to cast his eyes on his Satguru. Bhai Pulla was convinced that Guru Sahib would come to him and so he wanted to be ready for the moment.

Though he and his mother were very poor, he decided the best offering he could give to Guru Sahib was GuR (sugar-jaggery). Wherever he went, Bhai Pulla carried the guR with him, tied in a cloth, not knowing when Guru Sahib would hear his ardaas and give his darshan.

Darshan Bhai Pulla's ardaas day and night bore fruit one day. Guru Sahib arrived in village Butala with some Sikhs. Most of the villagers were followers of Sakhi Sarvar and so no one paid Guru Sahib any respect. Guru Hargobind Sahib and his Sikhs however went directly to where Bhai Pulla was sitting and stopped their horse in front of him. Bhai Pulla recognized that his Satguru had finally come and was overjoyed. He remembered the guR he had tied in the cloth and began to fumble with the knot so he could offer it to Guru jee. Bhai Pulla tried, but could not open the long-tied knot. Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib cast his loving eye on his Sikh and said, "Pulla! Here, let me open your knots…"

–  –  –

What a blessing Guru Sahib gave to Bhai Pulla. What more could Bhai Pulla ask?

Guru Sahib opened the knot and Bhai Pulla humbly placed the guR before Guru Sahib and bowed. Satguru jee then said, "Pulla! My Sikhs and I are hungry. Take us to your home and give us langar."

Bhai Pulla could not contain his happiness and quickly lead Guru jee and the Sikhs to his small home. Mata Santi upon seeing Sri Guru jee's darshan, lost all awareness. Bhai Pulla shook his mother and said, "Guru Sahib wants to have langar. Prepare langar for him."

Villagers and the Langar The villagers of Butala were bitter and went on to their rooftops to see what was happening.

They saw that Guru Sahib and his Sikhs were waiting for langar and began to laugh that Bibi Santi and Bhai Pulla who sometimes could not even manage one meal a day for themselves were now being asked to cook for so many. The villagers decided amongst themselves that no one would help the two Sikhs nor give them any loan to help buy rations for the langar. They would see the humiliating scene when Bibi Santi and Bhai Pulla would tell Guru Sahib that they could not make the langar and have the opportunity to laugh at them.

Satguru Hargobind Sahib knew all and saw the crowds on their rooftops looking at them. Guru Sahib said to Bhai Pulla, "Pulla! Go invite all the villagers to have langar here as well today."

Bhai Pulla obeyed the hukam and went to all the villagers and asked them to come to their home for langar. The villagers laughed and said that today the humiliation would be double what they expected. The mother and son could hardly feed themselves let alone all the Sikhs and now all the villagers.

The Miracle Guru Hargobind Sahib called Bhai Pulla and gave him two kerchiefs and told him to put one on the flour and one on the daal. Mata Santi should not look underneath them after that.

Bibi Santi had prepared all the flour in the house for parshadas but it was still very little. There was also a little daal she had prepared. The two kerchiefs were placed on each and Bibi Santi began to prepare the parshadas while Bhai Pulla did the seva of distributing them. To their amazement, all the Sikhs and all the villagers had their fill of langar and still the parshadas and daal under Guru Sahib's kerchiefs were not finishing.

The villagers were awe-struck and fell at Guru Hargobind Sahib's feet. They had wanted to see the humiliation of the two poor Sikhs but Guru Sahib had shown that he would never let his Sikhs be humiliated in such a way. The faith of the villagers in Sikhi was born that day and Bibi Santi and Bhai Pulla's faith was rewarded.

–  –  –

Sawa lakh se ek laraoon Tabe Gobind Singh Singh Nam Kahaoon In 1739, Zaikriya Khan launched an all out campaign of persecution of Sikhs. Rewards were offered for the capture and extermination of Sikhs. It was declared law-ful to plunder Sikh houses and to seize their property. The whole machinery of the government, including chaudhris and zamin-dars, were put into motion to crush the Sikhs. Thousands of Sikhs were murdered. Cartloads of their heads were taken to Lahore for obtaining rewards from Zakariya.

Under such conditions of persecution, Sikhs took shelter in the Shivalik hills, Lakhi jungle, and the sandy deserts of Rajputana. A few, who still chose to remain in Majha, had to pass their days in local forests, bushes, or by taking shelter in Khulasa (Sa-hajdhari or slow adopting Sikhs) houses.

Sometimes Muslims, and even Hindus, would boast that Sikhs were afraid of appearing in the plains. Such taunts would cause some daring Sikhs to come out of their hiding places and make their presence felt.

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