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«A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO EAR CANDLING HOW TO DO IT, WHAT IT HAS DONE AND HOW IT WORKS! Written By: Greg Webb Registered Massage Therapist Certified Touch ...»

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Written By:

Greg Webb

Registered Massage Therapist

Certified Touch For Health Instructor

Ear Candling Instructor Domestic and International Supplier of Ear Candles Since 1993 Table of Contents


Introduction A. What is Ear Candling?

B. Can it be done by yourself?

C. What will you feel?

D. How many candles per treatment?

E. Testimonials

F. How it works, logic and speculation!

G. What is found inside the Ear Candle?

H. Supplies required

I. Ear Candling instructions

J. Other info

K. Summary

Contact Information for the Author:

Greg Webb 3035 – 26th Street S.W.

Calgary, Alberta Canada T3E 2B6 Ph (403) 242-7647 Fax (403) 242-7680 Email: gregwebb1@hotmail.com 2



Ear Candling is a process which has been around for thousands of years, using fire and smoke to cleanse and/or create the movement of energy for healing. In recent existence, it has primarily been forgotten or replaced by the ‘wonders’ of modern medical science. Ear candles (or cleansing cones as they were referred to in ancient times) are a universal form of herbal therapy, used by nations around the globe. According to some sources, the Egyptians used reeds, packing a bit of mud around the ears to form a seal. This process was also used in India, Tibet, China, and American Indian cultures. Mayan and Aztec cultures used cone shaped pottery devices with double helix spiral shapes inside, similar to a drill bit. Herbs specific to the needs of the person would be placed in one side of the chamber. As the herbs burn, the warm air, smoke and vibrational energy of the herbs burning cycle down into the ear canal creating a healing effect.

Some examples of other techniques I have personally heard of over the years are: using newspaper rolled up tightly in a cone inserted into the ear and then burned; ripping old sheets into strips, ladling them with wax and wrapping them around a whittled stick to make something that looks like an ear candle; many stories of grandma and grandpa blowing pipe smoke into the ears of the children when they had ear aches. One fellow even mentioned that his family, who did not smoke, kept a pack of cigarettes in the medicine cabinet specifically for that purpose.

Fortunately, with the tremendous resurgence in popularity of alternative medicine modalities such as herbology, iridology, naturopathy and massage, Ear Candling has also experienced a rediscovery as a very helpful treatment technique for many health problems related to the ear and sinus area of the body. Having been involved in the ear candling industry since 1992 I have been first hand witness to hundreds of positive outcomes from applying this simple yet humble ancient healing tool known as an Ear Candle.

Some examples of this would be:

~ Enhanced lymphatic clearing which is very easy to see the results of as a persons face is INSTANLY less puffy.

~ Improved sinus drainage, many people comment they can feel their sinuses begin to drain down the back of their throat during and after treatment. When you consider how many people experience significant levels of sinus discomfort, this is very good news. An overall immune system enhancement as witnessed by people starting to feel better right away when feeling sick 3 with colds, infections, the flu and a great variety of other illnesses where improving the strength in ones immune system helps you recover faster.

~ Improved hearing, better balance, these changes are often immediately noticed for those who are experiencing difficulty. It is an enhancement of fluid circulation in the inner ear which is mostly responsible for this.

~ Elimination of Candida, this is something which I often see in other people’s literature regarding ear candling benefits. The treatment does not rally eliminate Candida or suck it out of the ear canal. Rather, by enhancing the over all strength and vigor of our immune system and lymphatic circulation it makes our body better able to find and destroy yeast and often therefore reducing symptoms of discomfort associated with Candida overgrowth.

Seasonal allergies, colds, flu, sore throats, laryngitis, tonsillitis, ear infections, atmospheric pressure-related headaches (flying, scuba diving or Chinook winds). “Swimmer’s Ear”, a skin condition of the ear canal is caused by water trapped behind or under wax accumulations in the ear canal. Success with this and other skin conditions of the ear canal are common with Ear Candling.

A. What is Ear Candling?

The basis of the technique involves the use of a candle which looks very much like a large hollow straw about 10” long and ” in diameter. It has a hollow cotton structure which is tapered on one end and coated in wax leaving the top and bottom open. The person lies on his or her side with the tapered end resting gently, but snugly in the ear canal. The top end of the candle is lit by a second person. As it slowly burns down, the heat created by the candle burning (since hot air rises) creates a very slight, warm swirling current of air and a slight, relative vacuum. Most of the changes that occur with Ear Candling are a result of heat and energetic stimulation of reflexes. The healing energy delivered from this process is consciously utilized by the body with absolute purpose and divided up proportionately to the systems most in need.

One of the wonderful things about Ear Candling is that with a bit of basic training and instruction, it can be done at home. Obviously, you should still consult your physician with matters of medical importance. However, in this age where so many of us are taking an active role in maintaining our own health, Ear Candling provides a marvelous tool to have at our fingertips.

4 B. Is the Ear Candling procedure one that you can perform on yourself?

NO! I highly advise against it. You are using an open flame, and to do this on yourself would only be inviting accidents. As well, an important part of the process is to ensure that the candle is properly seated in the ear canal. The ear candle also needs to be trimmed several times during the burning period. Attempting to do this on your own would be difficult and dangerous.

Don’t do it by yourself!!!

Besides, one of the many nice things about Ear Candling is that it is wonderfully relaxing and nurturing to receive. I have had numerous people comment to me that Ear Candling is a really nice way to connect with family, friends and loved ones. If you were to attempt it alone, you would miss out on an opportunity to RECEIVE, something which many of us have trouble taking time for in the modern climate.

The easiest way to show another person how to treat your ears with Ear Candling is to have three people present. Perform the procedure on the second individual while the person whom you wish to candle your ears watches to understand the basis of the treatment. Then get that person involved in the insertion, lighting, trimming and extraction of the ear candle while you coach. In short order he or she should be feeling more comfortable with treating your ears.

C. What will you notice from having your ears candled?

This is something that varies from person to person depending upon their individual ailment or curiosity with the process. Some common things noticed by clients without any specific problems are: improved mental focus, a much more open feeling in the sinuses, air flowing more freely through the breathing cavities, the central part of their head feels lighter and less congested – a “nice clear feeling” is how many people have described this feeling. It is also quite common for this “clearer” feeling to extend down the sides of the throat where the lymphatic ducts travel from the head into the thoracic cavity.

People who do Ear Candling while experiencing a cold, the flu or other similar condition, will notice that their overall condition improves much more rapidly than it would otherwise. In particular, if they have several Ear Candling treatments within a couple of days they will typically be very pleased with the results.

The heat from the flame creates a very warm, pleasant sensation in the ear area, similar to the sun shining on your face on a nice sunny day – soothing and relaxing. Ear Candling, among many other things, has the ability to bring harmony to the glandular system, which regulates the emotional state, resulting in evenness of mood. A calm, almost meditative state is common during treatment. Sounds very pleasant doesn’t it?

5 D. How many candles are done in a treatment?

The standard treatment I do on most adults is two to three candles in a row per ear and often four if a person is quite congested. The first one gets things loosened up and flowing, the second makes more of a noticeable difference and the third really helps the body to get more correction accomplished from the session. Making the time between the withdrawal of one candle and the insertion of the next as short as possible helps keep the flow process established.

I have done as many as seven candles in a row without any negative side effects. (That person was referred to me as he was on a candida reduction program. The Ear Candling treatment assisted his immune system to “step-up” its attack on the candida overgrowth in his body and was quite helpful. I also know of other Ear Candling practitioners who would regularly treat very congested clients with six to eight ear candles per ear with great results.

As of the year 2001, my 9 years of clinical experience with Ear Candling have left me with a clear understanding of what Ear Candling can help with and how to get fairly predictable results.

For most any condition you can think of regarding the ear nose throat and sinus area, Ear Candling can be and has been helpful. The only real secret behind it, to borrow a phrase from Nike Corp. is, “JUST DO IT”! The more often you are able to receive Ear Candling and the closer together the treatments, the more improvement you will typically see.

So now that I have generalized a bit, let me get a touch more specific.

ACUTE CONDITIONS: These would be symptoms that come on quite quickly, such as: colds, the flu, ear aches/infections, sinusitis, sore throats, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mumps, measles and things of this nature. Ear Candling helps these conditions by mainly: a) providing an immediate boost to the effectiveness and voraciousness of the overall immune response. This can be witnessed by an improvement either in how your client is feeling or, if you happen to have a Live Blood Analysis microscope at you disposal, the before and after difference in the enthusiasm of the white blood cells and macrophages which is dramatic and very apparent; b) the lymphatic system is also greatly improved in its drainage ability. This enables your body to drain areas of toxicity and allow fresh armies of disease fighting cells into the area – likened to sending fresh troops into battle. The improved lymphatic drainage is evidenced by a reduction in swelling and tenderness in the lymph node cluster by the corner of the jaw, reduced puffiness in the cheeks and around the eyes. This improvement in lymphatic drainage extends further and 6 further out into the body with each additional treatment. This too can be observed through a Live Blood Analysis microscope.

The recommendations I am going to give you have nothing to do with the amount of time you have at your disposal, or the amount of money your client has to pay for treatment. These recommendations come from treating thousands of clients using kinesiology muscle testing whereby the client’s own body determines how many candles and how often the treatments should be applied. These will be adult size person recommendations.

Treatment Protocol:

Day 1: (24 hr. period) Two sessions of 3-4 ear candles per ear Day 2: One or two sessions of 2-3 candles per ear depending on speed of recovery Day 3: One Session of 2-3 candles per ear. A 2nd treatment is fine, if the client wishes.

Day 4: One session of 2-3 candles per ear Day 5: Rest Day 6: One session of 2-3 candles per ear Day 7: Whatever was left of the initial complaint should either be completely gone or significantly reduced by now. Your best bet next is to gradually space the treatments further apart according to how well the person is feeling. Working towards weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or for maintenance every 2-4 months, does a great job of keeping the whole body healthier.

CHRONIC CONDITIONS: Things of this nature would be: allergies (seasonal or otherwise), hearing difficulties, balance and equilibrium, chronic sinus problems, congested lymphatic system, weakened immune system. The difference here is that most of these conditions are fairly well ingrained into a person’s out-of-balance health state, not just something that popped up recently. With chronic-type illnesses, you will need to express to the person the importance of longevity (i.e. frequent) in their treatment protocol. I have personally been able to help with the above states in a high percentage of cases, although not in every instance.

An important thing to realize is that Ear Candling imparts healing energy to the body which then determines where and how soon that healing energy is allocated. With chronic illnesses, there is a lot of corrective energy required by the human body to restore normalized function. So it is really not that complicated – if you have a big mess, it is going to take concentrated work energy to clean it up.

Treatment protocol:

7 The best overall recommendation for this and many other instances is: three treatments in the first ten days, and afterwards, three more treatments about one week apart. At this time, re-evaluate your client’s progress to determine if it would be best to follow a weekly or biweekly treatment protocol or a less frequent pace. It uniquely varies from person to person.

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