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Kate Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. Due to her dad’s job, Kate Lee spent most of her childhood in Yangon, Myanmar, where she attended International School of Yangon. Later in her teens, she again moved with her family to Houston, Texas. She received her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin in

2004. After graduation, Kate joined a business consulting firm called Accenture and worked as an analyst for one year. Due to her passion in biomedical engineering, Kate decided to pursue her Ph.D. degree at Georgia Institute of Technology. She once visited Georgia Institute of Technology as an undergraduate for a summer research program and was impressed with the deparment. Apart from research, Kate loves to go to the gym where she is actively involved in cardio kickboxing, boxing, yoga, and boot camp classes. Kate enjoys singing and dancing. Kate also loves to travel and try different food

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