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«Thesis presented to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zurich for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Mark Staff Brandl of USA and ...»

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–  –  –

Yale University 9, 19, 23, 31, 39, 112, 277, 279 All text, images, logos, characters and other material copyright and trademark as applicable;

© and TM 2011 Mark Staff Brandl.


–  –  –

Special Abilities, Knowledge and Activities Since 1980, numerous publications and lectures in English and German on art, art history and culture ; various awards and frequent exhibitions. (See the following résumé of art activities.) Art Mark Staff Brandl, was born in 1955 in Peoria, Illinois USA and lived many years in Chicago. He has lived in Switzerland since 1988; was naturalized in 1995; now living in Trogen AR.

–  –  –

Publications by Brandl (Selected) — ART IN AMERICA, NY, Corresponding Editor — THE ART BOOK, London Swiss Correspondent /Korrespondent, incl. "Issues: Re-reading Kandinsky," "Jonathan Lasker," "Herzog und de Meuron," and "Hemingway and Art" — CRITICAL REVIEW, Internet Ezine, NY, Regular Reviewer.

— UMAR IBN AL-FARID: SUFI VERSE, SAINTLY LIFE, by Th. Emil Homerin, cover of book, Paulist Press, New York, 2001 (ISBN 0-8091-0528-4) — LEX BRAES: STILL Catalog Essay.

— MEDIEN LESEN: DER TEXTBEGRIFF IN DER MEDIENWISSENSCHAFT, “The Expanded Text Concept and Central Metaphor in Painting and the Novel”, (Book) Verlag Pestalozzianum 1999 (ISBN 3-907526-66-X) — JOHN SEERY Catalog Essay.

— APARTMENT SHOW: KUNST IN PRIVATEN RÄUMEN, Essay; Edition Fink 1997 (/Book).

(ISBN 3-906086-22-4) — NOISMA No.35, März 1997, St. Gallen, «Bildsprünge» Publication Piece /with Daniel Ammann.

— SAITEN, Juli 1998 Publication Piece mit/with Daniel Ammann, Sept. 1998 — OSTSCHWEIZER AZ 22. März 1995, 2. Nov. 1995 Ausstellung Reviews — FÖN Nov/Dez., No.11 1994, St. Gallen, «Hermann Reinfrank - Künstlerportrait» witht Daniel Ammann.

— THE CARIBBEAN WRITER 1994, «Dusk, North Side of Tortola» Poem.

— ART CRITICISM Vol.8, No.2 1993, New York, «Beyond 'Like' and 'As' in Images:

Metonymy and Metaphor in Some Recent Art» with Daniel Ammann.

— THE JOURNAL OF AESTHETICS, US, Winter 1993 Book Review.

— ART/WRITE Summer 1988, Chicago, «What Representation Represents»

— IN THE DARK May-June 1988, Chicago, Catalogue Essay — WHITEWALLS Summer 1986, Chicago, Publication Piece — NEW ART EXAMINER Frequent Contributions 1979-1986 — EAR MAGAZINE EAST (NY New Music) January 1983 — THE FLUE (Franklin Furnace) 1982, New York.

Articles and Reviews on Brandl (Selected) — ABSTRACT COMICS: THE ANTHOLOGY, ed. Andrei Molotiu, Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, 2009.

— BAD AT SPORTS radio podcast, 30. November, 2008; Interview with Brandl.

http://badatsports.com/2008/episode-170-mark-staff-brandl/ — TV PROGRAM, University of Illinois, Champaign November/December 2008 http://www.sharkforum.org/2008/12/out-of-sequence-krannert-art-m-1.html — SIDETRACK, WILL-AM Radio, Champaign Illinois, 2. November 2008 — MY ART SPACE, e-zine, 25 June, 2008; Interview with Brandl.

http://www.myartspace.com/blog/2008/06/art-space-talk-mark-staff-brandl.html — DER TOSSTHALER 12. Juni 2006 — KUNST-BULLETIN Mai 2006, von Ursula Badrutt-Schoch.

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–  –  –

Collections/ Public Art / Kunst am Bau Museum of Modern Art, New York Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Whitney Museum of American Art, New York Victoria and Albert Museum, Art Library, London The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, LA CA USA Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Warth Graphische Sammlung E.T.H. Zürich Swiss Institute New York Kunstmuseum St. Gallen Krannert Art Museum, Champaign Illinois, US International Museum of Cartoon Art, Boca Raton Florida, US Lakeview Museum, Peoria Illinois, US Oberstufenzentrum Grünau, Wittenbach Switzerland Gemeinde Goldach, Switzerland Kanton Appenzell AR, Switzerland Gehörlosenzentrum Trogen SUVA St. Gallen Stadt St. Gallen Kanton St. Gallen Joseph and Eva Beuys, Düsseldorf, Deutschland Illinois State University Union, Bloomington US Dirksen Congressional Center, Pekin US

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