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«Visualising culture and gender: postcolonial feminist analyses of women's exhibitions in Taiwan, 1996-2003 This item was submitted to Loughborough ...»

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Finally, fabric, as a new creative material for contemporary Taiwanese women artists, is investigated through researching the shows, Lords of the Rim and BuBaoFu (2003). In the show BuBaoFu, I argue that women’s creativity can be seen in the re-interpretation of the previous colonial heritage, in fabric art, and in women’s domestic space. Nevertheless, fabric art in Lords of the Rim refers to the means which artists adopt to re-position the history of the subordinate working women. When comparing these two shows, it is clearly evident that the rapidly changing society of Taiwan has indirectly influenced artists’ viewpoints towards using fabric in their works. Fabric in Lords of the Rim demonstrates the struggles of subordinate working-class women whilst in BuBaoFu, it becomes a means through which the re-consideration of nei (inwards; domestic and private space) and wai (outwards; public and political space) is explored. Additionally, when juxtaposing these two shows, I see that the selection of different locations for curation has significantly shown the M. Turner, © 2008 diversity of how fabric (as an industrial and/ or artistic material) is perceived by artists and curators.

It is apparent that the themes for the earlier shows are centred more on national identity and nationalism whilst the later exhibitions focus more on the issues of the globe, which is evidence of the process of the maturing and transformation of the contemporary Taiwanese artistic community. Moreover, I suggest that the subject matter of Taiwanese women artists’ works has been inclined to be more conceptual since Taiwan’s society has become more liberal, and the characteristics of hybridity can be seen more obviously. Additionally, it should be noted that the establishment of the Taiwanese Women’s Art Association in 2000 has played an essential role in Taiwan’s art history, as it gathers women artists and organises exhibitions with more explicit concepts and themes, which help to expose their works both nationally and internationally.

To conclude this thesis, I shall suggest a possible route that contemporary Taiwanese (women) artists could follow to present themselves in the global artistic market in the future. Under globalisation in the twenty-first century, a conclusive ‘white-or-black’ dilemma does not exist, nor is there an absolute colonised object or colonising subject in the sphere of culture. Rather, a mixture of elements derived from the indigenous local and colonial cultures has come into being. This is the essential and precious property of hybridity and mimicry, which certainly provides an advantage for those contemporary Taiwanese (women) artists seeking to reach the core and centre of the international artistic market. Furthermore, what Taiwanese artists could M. Turner, © 2008 consider is not merely the issue of gender itself, but rather a more comprehensive and multi-disciplinary aspect to approach questions concerning sexuality. The discourse of gender does not exist on its own and as Taiwan moves towards becoming a more ethnically and culturally integrated country, the next challenge for the artists will be to deal with subject matter related not only to its previous colonial history, but also to the new colonial relationship emerging on the island, (a new structure of power between Hans and other ethnic minorities), and its competitors in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the rest of the globe.

M. Turner, © 2008 Glossary The terms listed below are translated by the system of pinyin. Pinyin is a system of Romanisation of the Chinese language and was developed in the mid twentieth century in China. Pin means ‘to spell’, whilst yin refers to ‘sounds’; thus pinyin is the method to represent Chinese characters with Latin letters according to how they are pronounced rather than what they mean. The terms in italics are phrases and dialects Romanised according to pinyin; the remainder are either Pinyin of people’s names (family names first) or titles for places, institutions and publications in Chinese words. There are very few titles adapted from the English titles of their own sources rather than through pinyin.

ARTCO: Art Today Association of Public Orders Avant-garde publisher Ba-Tsuei bensheng ren binlang hsishi Biographical Literature Black Cats at Takao Bu Bao Fu Cangjie Centre for Young Women’s Development Chan Hsin-Mei Chang Fang-Wei Chang Hui-Lan Chang Hsiao-Yuan Chang Jin-Yu Chang Jin-Fen Chang Mao-Kuei Chang Mei-Yun Chang Song-Reng Chang Ta-Chien Chang Yan-Hsien Chang Yuan-Chien Chen Bi-Jian

M. Turner, © 2008

Chen Chien-Pei Chen Chin Chen (Elsa) Hsiang-Chun Chen Fang-Ming Chen Hsin-His Chen Hsing-Wan Chen Hua Chen Hui-Chiao Chen Hui-Hsin Chen I-Fang Chen Jing-Lin Chen Hung-Mian Chen Man-Hua Chen Mei-Rong Chen Ming-Hui (Ming Turner) Chen Po-Wei Chen Sheng-Song Chen Sheui-Bian Chen Shi-Lin Chen Shu-Jen Chen Shu-Lin Chen Szu-Ling Chen Wen-Shiang Chen Wen-Yao Chen Yen-Shu Chen Yi Chen Yi-Fang Chen Yin-Huang Chen Ying-Di Chen Yu-Hsiu Cheng Cheng-Kung Cheng Chiung-Chuan Cheng Hung-Ching Cheng Shu-Min Chia-Lun Studio Chia-Yi Chiang Ching-Kuo Chiang Kai-Shek

M. Turner, © 2008

Chiang Shu-Ling Chiang Sung Mei-Ling Chiang Tzu-Man Chiang Wen-Yu Chiang Yi-Hua Chien Fu-Yu Chien Tan Chien Ying-Ying Chinese Women’s Anti-aggression League Chiu Kuei-Fen Chiu Tsu-Yuan Chiu Yu-Feng Cho Yu-Jui Chou Ling-Chih Chou Wen-Li Chuang Tsai-Chin Chung-Wai Journal Chung Yu Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan Daoxiang Publisher Deng Wen-Jen Disturbance Journal Dragon Art Monthly Du Tin-Tin Dung Yang textile factory Eastern Han Dynasty Executive Yuan Fangliao Fei Li Wu Shi Fu Chang textile factory Fu Chia-Hui Fu-Hsi Fu Jen Catholic University Gao Show-Lien Ge Yung-Kuang Government Information Office, Taiwan Guan Bi-Ling guangfu

M. Turner, © 2008

Gui Huo Alley Guoxing Township Hakka Han Hanart Gallery He Yan-Tang Ho Li-Jung Ho-Tso-An Drama New Environmental Homemaker’s Association Hou Chun-Min Hou Hsiao-Hsien Hou Shur-Tzy Hou Yi-Jen Hsiao Chiung-Jui Hsiao Li-Hung Hsiao Shin-Huang Hsiao Wo-Ting Hsieh (Grace) Hsieh Juin Hung-Chun Hsieh Hui-Ching Hsieh Li-Fa Hsieh Pei-Ni Hsieh Tung-Shan Hsinchu Hsin-Sheng-Tai Hsu Chia-Ching Hsu Chung-Shu Hsu (Maggie) Hsun-Wei Hsu Su-Chen Hsu Wei-Jen Hsu Ya-Ping Hua-Shan Huaeh Pao-Hsia Huaeh Hua-Yuan Huang Chun-Pi Huang Hai-Ming Huang Li-Chuan Huang (Teresa)

M. Turner, © 2008

Huang Yi-Shiung Huang Jun-S Huang Pao-Ping Huang Ying-Yu Hui Huang Shih Tai Huo Ke Hung Mei-Ling I-Lan County Jang Jen-Yu Jang Jin-Yuh Jeng Hui-Hua Ji-Ji Jian Tz-Jie Jian Wei-Shin Jian Wen-Min Jiang Chung-Lin Jiang Yao-Shian Jiang Yi-Huah Jin Sz Lu Jing Ji Qi Ji (Joan Stanley-Baker) Journal of Labour Studies Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum Journal of Taiwan Museum of Art Ju Ming-Kang Ju Shi Kao Chien-Hui Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Kaohsiung Xin Tang Primary School Ke Ying-Ping Keelung Kia-A-Thau KMT’s Department of Women’s Affairs Ko Yen-Mei Ku Yen-Lin Kuan Bi-Ling Kuei-Ko

M. Turner, © 2008

Kuo Chuan-Chiu Kuomingtang Kuo Shu-Li Kuo Wei-Fan Labour Standards Act Lai Chu-Chu Lai Fang-Yu Lai Mei-Hua Lai Ming-Chu Lai Tse-Han Lai Ying-Ying Lee Charng-Jiunn Lee Chin-Hsiu Lee Chung-Chung Lee Fang-Chih Lee Hsi Lee Jiun-Shian Lee Mei-Jung Lee Shu-Chen Lee Teng-Hui Lee Wei-Jing Lee Yiung-Yi Liao Ping-Hui Liau Ren-Yi Li Chin-Hsien Li Huan-Hsiung Li Ji Li Ming-Je Lien Heng Lin Cheng-Chih Lin Chun-Ju Lin Hongjohn Lin Hsing-Yu Lin Hsiao-Hsueh Lin Hsueh-Ching Lin Ji-Wen Lin Jiang-Mai Lin Ju

M. Turner, © 2008

Lin Li-Hua Lin Man-Li Lin Margo Lin Mun-Lee Lin Pei-Ching Lin Pey-Chwen Lin Ping Lin Ruei-Tai Lin Su-Nu Lin (Debbie) Tsai-Shuan Ling Fan Lion Art Liu Chung-Lun Liu Hsiu-Mei Liu Li Liu Shih-Fen Liu Chu-Liang Liu Fu-Mei Liu Kuan-Teh Liu Lun Liu Shih-Fen Liu Shu-Mei Liu Su-Shin Lo Chih-Cheng Lo Hsiu-Chih Locus Publisher Lu Chieh Lu Chien-Jung Lu Kuang Lu Pei-Yi Lu Shin-Lin Lu Shiow-Lien Lu Tien-Yen Lu (Victoria) Yung-Chih Lu Xun Luo Hsiou-Mei Luo Jen Ma Ha

M. Turner, © 2008

Ma Ying-Jeou Mai Chun-Kuang Mei-Mei Ma-Shan Minnan Nai Ping Nangang Nan Jeon Institute of Technology Nantou County National Security Act nei nangeng nuzhi New Feminism Ni He Ni Tsai-Chin Nu-Wa Oracle Bone Scripts Pa-Tou-Tzu Pan Ping-Yu Peng-hu islands Pu Hsin-Yu Qing Dynasty Ran Mei-Su Ruan Shau-Fang Ruei-Sz-Ruo-Sz Shang Dynasty Shen Fang-Jung Shen Hsiu-Hua Shen Hsueh-Yung Sheng Shieh Tung-Shan Shieh (Juin) Hong-Jun Shih Jui-Jen ShihChing Shiu Heng-Shu Shiu (Margaret) Tan Shiu Shiau-Hui Shu Shu (Maggie) Hsun-We

M. Turner, © 2008

Sin Log Gi Sinjhuang Cultural Art Centre Society of Contemporary Art, Taipei (SOCA) Song Dynasty Su Chian-Lin Su Chih-Che Su Yu-Ling Suan Tian Ku La Sun To-Tzu Tai-Cha Taichung Tai-du Tainan Taipei Taipei Fine Arts Museum Taishin Arts Award Taitung Taiwan Taiwan Province Handiwork Research Institute Taiwan Min Zhu Guo Taiwanese Aboriginal Cultural Conference Taiwanese Women’s Art Association Tamsui Tamsui River Tang Chiung-Sheng Tang Shu-Fen Tang Huang-Chen Tao Tzu Tao-I chih-lueh Taoyuan County Tayal Tribe Teloma Temporary Provisions Effective During the Period of Communist Rebellion Three Sage Kings and Five Emperors Ti-Chan Tian-Gan Di-Jr Tsai Hai-Ru M. Turner, © 2008 Tsai Hung-Ming Tsai Jia-Fu Tsai Ying-Jin Tsao Lo-I Tsay Tzong-Fen Tseng Ai-Tsen Tseng Jin-Mei Tseng Shai-Shu Tseng Yi-Hain Tseng Yu-Chuan Tseng Yu-Ping Tu Chia-Chi TuHai Three Masters Tzeng Rung-Fen United Daily News wai Wang (Jason) Chia-Chi Wang Chia-Shien Wang Chih-Yao Wang Chun-Hsiang Wang Fu-Dung Wang Hsiao-Yung Wang Jin-Hua Wang Pin-Hua Wang Shih-Chih Wang Su-Feng Wang Ta-Yung Wang Te-Yu Wang Tsui-Yun Wang Tze-Yun Wang Ya-Hui Wang Ya-Ling Wang Yako Warm Life Association Wei Ying-Hui weiseng-lang Windows of Culture Wong Jeng-Kai

M. Turner, © 2008

Wu Diing-Wuu Walis ˙ Wu I-Chien Wu Ji Bi Fan Wu Jin-Tau Wu (Joseph) Wu Liang Shrine Wu Yin-Hui Wu Yung-Chieh Wu Mali WuSanLien Foundation Xin Taiwan Ren Yin Yang Yang-Chih publisher Yang Chih-Fu Yang Shih-Chih Yang Ya-Hui Yao Jui-Chung Yao Min-Hsuan Ye Zi-Mei Yeh Yu-Ching Yen Ming-Hui Yen Shiang-Luan Yen Yen-Tsun Yin Shi Nan Nu Yu Hui-Jen Yuan Chu Min Yuan Goang-Ming Yuan-Liou Yuan Shu-Chen Yueh Yi-Ping M. Turner, © 2008 Bibliography All of the publications listed below are my most important references, most of which have been used for citations in this thesis. For the publications which were originally published in Chinese, I have kept the original book titles in Chinese in brackets after English translations.

Books (printed in English)

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