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«Creating Clothing with Body Shop and Adobe Photoshop CS2 This article will cover the basics of creating clothing using Body Shop and Photoshop CS2 ...»

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F8- zooms in on your sim F7- zooms back out F3- allows you to freely rotate your sim and check all the parts you can’t normally see F6- makes the sim stretch out their arms so you can check waist lines to see if everything lines up properly.

–  –  –

On we go! Cont.

This next part is where your patience really comes in. As you could see from the preview, we have some work to do on the sides of the jeans so that everything will line up and you won’t be able to see the original image.

With Layer 1 highlighted, grab your rectangular marquee again and look for a nice clean area on the front of your jeans that you can select. Once selected, click on Edit Copy Merged then Edit Paste. Your marquee will disappear, so grab your arrow or move tool, (it’s the top right on your tool bar) and click where your marquee just was and move the pasted section over to the middle part of the jeans. Click on Edit Paste again to get another section to move over the middle of the jeans until you get it covered. Do the same thing a couple more times and move those sections to the outer portion of the jeans. You should have something that looks like the last image below.

Now it’s time for us to blend those sections together. First thing you need to do is to highlight one of the small sections in your layers box and click on Layers Merge Down. (DO NOT click on Flatten Image at this point) Highlight and Merge Down all the small sections until you are left with your original 4 layers.

When that’s done, grab your Clone Stamp Tool and set the opacity on the tool (not the layers) to about 60% and the fill at 60%. You will see the opacity and fill on your top tool bar. Make sure the Mode is set at Normal.

–  –  –

On we go! Cont.

Put your clone tool somewhere on a clean area on the front of your jeans and while holding the clone over the area, hit the ALT key and click at the same time. This will pick up a sample of the image for you to use. You can then click on the rough areas of the image and the clone will put down the color that it just picked up. You can use this to smooth out all the rough areas from the different sections we copy/pasted into the jeans. Also, you may need to change the size of your tool. You do this by right-clicking somewhere in the image. It will bring up the Master Diameter and all the different shapes and sizes that are available. I usually scroll down to near the bottom and use the square brush. If you don’t see any square brushes, click on the small arrow in the top right of your brushes, (after you open it by right-clicking) and you’ll see a long list of all the brushes available. Click on the square brushes and then click on Append. This will add those brushes permanently to your tool box.

Back to using the clone tool……I usually zoom in on my image so that I can better see what I’m doing. For this creation, I’m going to use a square brush at about 18-20 pixels. I’ll sample some color by hitting the ALT key and clicking in the image at the same time. Then let go of the ALT key and click on the rough edges in the image that are near to where you sampled the color. You will have to continually sample more color by hitting the ALT key and then clicking within the image.

Use small sweeping motions as if you are painting to smooth out the rough areas.

When you get everything smoothed out, you might want to use the Burn tool to create some shadows to make the jeans look more realistic.

Pick up your Burn tool and set the Range to Midtones and the Exposure to about 15-17%. You can adjust this as needed. For this process, I usually use a small round brush with the hardness set at zero. Once again, use small sweeping motions as if you are painting, anywhere that you think needs a little darkening. Try to imagine what real jeans look like and put shadows only where you think there would be folds in the fabric.

–  –  –

On we go! Cont.

As you can see, I just burned some in the crotch area and between the legs and on the knees…wherever you might normally see wrinkles in a pair of jeans. When you get finished with the front of the jeans, repeat all the same steps on the back of the jeans. When you finish smoothing both layers, it’s a good time to preview your work again. Click on Layers Flatten, then File Save and go back to Body Shop and refresh your preview. If everything looks good on the jeans, go back to photoshop and click on Edit Step Backward to get your layers back so that we can start to work on the shirt.

Onward and upward!

For our shirt, we need to decide if we want to use a standard long sleeved shirt like our original or if we want to make it short sleeved and maybe with a different neckline. If you want to use a similar shaped shirt as the original, then you can simply follow the same steps you used for the jeans. If you want to do just a simple shirt or recolor, you can actually use one of your fabric swatches for that. I will quickly show you how to do that, but then I want to show you how to edit the alpha file so you can change the style of the shirt.

Open one of your fabric swatches….doesn’t matter which one. *Hint* When choosing a fabric swatch to use for a shirt, be careful of large prints or stripes when you are first starting out. These can often be difficult to manipulate to look right. Try to choose a small print or a solid color initially.

For the sake of this tutorial, I chose a small bright print.

–  –  –

Onward and upward! Cont As you can see, I copy/pasted the swatch onto my image. Use your Edit Transform to resize the swatch to what you need it to be. Make sure you size it to fit only half of the image and then use Layer Duplicate Layer to put another swatch on the second half of the image. You want to do this rather than stretch it out too much because it won’t look right. Make sure all the orange parts are covered. At this point, don’t worry about covering the top part of the jeans because we can fix that. Also, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the swatch to fit the shirt exactly. The alpha file will cause it to show only what’s supposed to show anyway.

Here’s what you should have at this point.

–  –  –

Onward and upward! Cont Now go to your layers box and highlight one of the new swatch layers. Adjust the opacity down to about 30% so you can see the jeans underneath. Then click on the mask button to add a mask.

Now click inside the mask layer inside your layer box. You will notice that the colors in your tool bar turn to black and white, with black on top and white underneath.

Pick up your brush tool and begin to paint over the jeans where the swatch covers them. Anything you paint with black will be erased and anything you paint with white will come back. So if you make a mistake, click on the little curved arrows on your colors and the white will come to the top and you can paint over wherever you made a mistake to bring back the original swatch color.

–  –  –

Onward and upward! Cont Repeat the same steps to do the back of the jeans on the second swatch. You should now have something that looks like this.

Now I’ll want to check in Body Shop and see how things look so far. Flatten your image and save it and then refresh your preview in Body Shop.

–  –  –

Onward and upward! Cont That looks ok, but what if I want to change the style of the shirt? Somehow, the bright flowers just don’t look very good on a long sleeved top do they? So now I’m going to show you how to edit the alpha file to change the style of the shirt.

Go back to photoshop and just minimize the file you’ve been working on to get it out of the way.

Don’t close it though!

Find your alpha file by going back to My Documents EA Games The Sims 2 Projects jeansandshirt. The file should be named something like body~stdMatBaseTextureName_alpha.

Before you do anything, go ahead and click on Layers Duplicate Layer in case you mess up, you will still have your original file. I always prefer to work on a duplicate layer.

When you look at the alpha file, you can easily identify all the parts. Anything in white is what will show up on your sim and anything in black will not show.

First, let’s take off the long sleeves. Do that by making sure you have black in your color on the tool bar and pick up your brush.

Make sure the opacity and flow is at 100%. Paint over just the sleeves in black. Your alpha file should now look like this.

–  –  –

Onward and upward! Cont Now let’s take the neckline down a bit to make a cute summer shirt.

Flatten your layer and save it and then go into Body Shop and refresh the preview to see what the shirt looks like now.

Once you are happy with all your changes, and everything is flattened and saved, refresh your preview once more just to make sure you have the most recent version. Then click on the folder with the arrow on it in Body Shop to import the outfit to your game. You’re done!!

This is a very basic tutorial and if you have followed along, then you should have a good understanding of how to edit and create clothes using Body Shop and Photoshop. As with anything though, it takes practice and lots of experimentation to hone your skills.

–  –  –

A note About the Texture File We didn’t really talk about the texture file, so I wanted to take a moment to explain that to you. The texture file is normally the third file in your project. Below is the texture file for the project we just completed.

This file, as the name suggests, provides texture for your clothing and is always in shades of gray.

You can also alter this file if you want to create more or less texture for your outfit.

Uploading your files to TSR If you get good at creating clothing and want to share your creations with others, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, you’ll need to get a good screenshot of your outfits. You need to take these pictures IN game. Body Shop is too dark to make decent preview images.

Once you get your preview images ready, go Submit Submit Sims 2 Creations from the front page of TSR. Click on Add One Creation and follow the instructions there. Where it says to upload your actual file, go to My Documents EA Games The Sims 2 Saved Sims. Body Shop will have put a bunch of numbers in front of your file name…DO NOT change those. Upload the file exactly as it is.

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