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Social Psychophysiological Research & Quantitative Methods Lab Phone: (416) 978-3401

Department of Psychology Fax: (416) 978-4811

University of Toronto Email: liz@psych.utoronto.ca 100 St. George Street, 4th Floor Web: http://page-gould.com Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G3


Ph.D. University of California Berkeley, Berkeley CA 2002 - 2008 Psychology, May 2008 Mentor: Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Committee: Özlem N. Ayduk, Robert W. Levenson, & Yu-Wen Ying B.S. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA 1998 - 2002 Psychology, May 2002 College Honors Thesis Advisor: Vicki S. Helgeson B.S. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA 1998 - 2002 Statistics, May 2002 University Honors Mentors: Joel Greenhouse, Howard Seltman


Associate Professor, Psychology Department 2014 - present University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada Assistant Professor, Psychology Department 2009 - 2014 University of Toronto Scarborough, Ontario, Canada Mind/Brain/Behavior Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology Department 2008 - 2009 Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States Sponsor: Wendy Berry Mendes


Chair, Social and Personality Section, Canadian Psychological Association 2012 - 2013



Associate Editor, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2018 Associate Editor, Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology Oct. 2014 - present Associate Editor, Collabra Feb. 2015 - present


Editorial Review Board, Psychological Science Jan. 2011 - present Editorial Review Board, Social Psychological and Personality Science Jan. 2012 - present Editorial Board Member, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General Jan. 2013 - present Consulting Editor, Psychological Methods Jan. 2013 - present Editorial

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* Indicates a graduate or undergraduate mentee.

*MacInnis, C. C., Page-Gould, E., & Hodson, G. (In Press). Multilevel intergroup contact and anti-gay prejudice (explicit and implicit): Evidence of contextual contact benefits in a less visible group domain. Social Psychological and Personality Science.

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Crowell, A., Page-Gould, E., & Schmeichel, B. J. (In Press). Self-affirmation breaks the link between BIS and the threatpotentiated startle response. Emotion, 15, 146 - 150.

REFEREED PUBLICATIONS (CONT.) *Nagamuthu, C. & Page-Gould, E. (In Press). Status differences between friends. To appear in M. L. Fisher (Ed.), Handbook on Women and Competition. Oxford University Press.

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American Psychological Association.

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* Indicates a graduate or undergraduate mentee.

Akinola, M., & Page-Gould, E. (2011). Role of time of day in the stability of neuroendocrine measures over time. Manuscript submitted for publication.


*Danyluck, C., & Page-Gould, E. (2016). Intergroup dissimilarity predicts sympathetic covariation and friendship interest within cross-group dyads. Manuscript submitted for publication.

*Sharples, A., & Page-Gould, E. (2016). Direct contact and media contact uniquely predict daily intergroup attitudes. Manuscript submitted for publication.


* Indicates a graduate or undergraduate mentee.

Akinola, M., & Page-Gould, E. (2011). Role of time of day in the stability of neuroendocrine measures over time. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Page-Gould, E. (2016). The existent variability in Type I Error rates as a function of effect size and sample size. Manuscript in preparation.

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*Khoury, J. A., Page-Gould, E., & Fournier, M. A. (2012). The fickle relationship between subjective and physiological stress: A meta-analysis of hormonal and self-reported measures of stress. Manuscript submitted for publication.


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* Indicates a graduate or undergraduate mentee.


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