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«Suicide and murder are considered two facets of the same coin: they originate in anger. Whereas suicide is the result of turning one's anger against ...»

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The rate of suicide reflects the degree of their oppression. On the other hand, the rate of homicide alludes to their awareness: some African-Americans don't comply with their oppression, but rather acknowledge their ability to turn their anger against the supposed cause of their plight.

8. On the debate as to the possible interpretations of what seems a suicidal act, see Wirth-Nesher (1990).

9. Consider Cameron and Frazer (1987) regarding treatment of sexual killing in literature. While male sex offenders in the 19th century were discussed in sensational and moralist terms, the woman offender was either ridiculed, implicitly suggesting that she was no real menace, or she was portrayed as extremely monstrous-much more evil than her male counterpart.

10. For a different view, see Rattok (1994).

11. My translation (RG.). Co

12. A pseudonym meaning "Lilach survives."

13. This story was awarded the prize for Third Best Story of the Year by Ha' Aretz (An Israeli daily).

14. My translation (RG.).

15. Of special interest also are stories published in Noga, the Israeli feminist magazine first issued in 1980. Of the 20 stories that have appeared so far (some of which are translations), two deal with suicidal heroines-"The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin, 1899 (Noga, 8, 1984) and "Targil be'Demyon Mudrach" [A Guided-Imagination Exercise] by Lilach Soredet (Noga, 28, 1995); one deals with both suicide and killing-"My Last Diet" by Ellen Gilchrist, 1986 (Noga, 16, 1988; and three deal with killing the abuser-"How Did I Get Away with Killing One of the Biggest Lawyers in the State? It Was Easy" by Alice Walker, 1971 (Noga, 11, 1985), "Nechash ha'Kesef" [The Golden Snake] by Hanan Michaili Ashrawee (Noga, 19, 1990), and "Un crime maternel" by Fay Weldon, 1991 (Noga, 24, 1992). In opposition to contemporary protest writings by most Israeli women, Noga exhibits a complex picture, with a bias toward stories with female characters who kill their abusers rather than let themselves be killed.

Noga, then, being a proclaimed feminist journal, is the only stage in Israel at present for radical feminist writings.

–  –  –

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coming 92 Rachel Giora

–  –  –

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