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«Effects of Handedness on Affective Lateralization: a Divided Visual-Field Study Kevin Alastair M. Tan Carnegie Mellon University Department of ...»

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In conclusion, this study may have found evidence for opposite affective lateralization between right- and left-handers. Past studies using similar DVF paradigms have been inconclusive, and the wider implications of this study’s findings remain unclear. The results of this study must be considered alongside its methodological limitations and overall lack of statistical robustness. In the future, larger and more even participant groups would be prudent for achieving statistical robustness. The use of simpler stimuli (i.e. faces instead of scenes) would also be a better choice in regards to consistency and validity. Additionally, the physical position of the participants during the experiment should be better controlled for, as alterations could significantly compromise the separation of the visual fields. Furthermore, the experiment was conducted in multiple different locations at different times-of-day. While lighting and noise levels were controlled for, many others were not, such as table height, seat height, and room temperature. These uncontrolled factors may have influenced results. Lastly, handedness should be better qualified; handedness groups were assigned through self-identification, not

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Figure 2 Matched-pair stimuli used for A) Threat-detection condition B) Positive-affect condition. Left-hand images show neutral stimuli, and right-hand images show matched emotional stimuli.

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Figure 4 Response time measured in milliseconds. Comparison of performance between handedness, visual field, stimuli type, and experimental condition. For emotional stimuli, right-handers had a RH/LVF performance advantage in the threat-detection condition, and a LH/RVF advantage in the positive affect condition. This pattern was reversed for left-handers. For neutral stimuli, both handedness groups had a LH/RVF performance advantage in both conditions


Table 1 Full results of multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA). Dependent variables: response time and accuracy. Fixed factors: handedness, visual field, stimuli type, and experimental condition. Covariates: Sex, Age, and Major.

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