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«Vladimir milkov УДК 2-335 + 27-144.89 + 94(470)“13” seRgiy RaDoNezHsky. RussiaN patH to soliDaRity The article analyzes the ideological and ...»

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Dmitriev, L. A. & Lihachev, O. P. (Comp.). (1982). Skazaniya i povesti o Kulikovskoj bitve [Legends and stories about the Battle of Kulikovo]. Leningrad: Nauka. Leningradskoe otdelenie.

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In Voprosy′ nauchnogo ateizma. (Iss. 37, pp. 117–130). Moscow: My′sl′.

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Vol. 2: Three centuries of Christianity in Russia (12th–14th cc.)]. Moscow: Yazy′ki russkoj kul′tury′.

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fol′klor: Duhovnaya kul′tura Poles′ya na obshheslavyanskom fone (pp. 88–133). Moscow:


74 Problema voluminis Zhitie Sergiya Radonezhskogo [Life of Sergius of Radonezh]. (1981). In Pamyatniki lateratury′ Drevnej Rusi. XIV – seredina XV veka. (pp. 256–429). Moscow: Hudozhestvennaya literatura.

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© Dergacheva A., 2014 St. Sergiy Radonezhsky. Embroidered pall, 1st half of the 15th century Trinity Lavra of St. Sergiy, view from east side. An alley on the site of filled ditch. Scene from an engraving, 1806 M. V. Nesterov. The Labours of Sergiy Radonezhsky. Central part of the triptych, 1896–1897

M. V. Nesterov. The Labours of Sergiy Radonezhsky. Left part N. K. Roerich. St. Sergiy Radonezhsky, of the triptych, 1896–1897 1932

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